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update on my finger problems

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well cat people i got the problem almost under control my fingers are starting to heal thanks to all your help and ideas

Bad news is monday while cleaning the candy case and fudge case i didn't see that the shelf was broken the glass was broken and my left hand thumb hit OUCHHHHHHHHHHHHH im now working on healing my other hand had to get stitches just missed my tendits can you belive this crazy mess just when i was getting my right hand healed i almost cut off my thumb on the left hand anyway im typing with one hand now
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Oh Rhonda - you poor thing. That must have really hurt. Sending loads of healing vibes for your thumb I hope it gets better really quickly.

Good to hear that your healing otherwise though.
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Oh you poor thing! I'm so glad you're healing up - well... apart from your accident though!! I did the same thing with my feet once walked bare feet and stood on glass one summer as a kid. I was taken to A&E, they removed the glass and told me to stay out of the water for two weeks (which is an awful thing to say to a kid on a really hot summer) but I was very good.... and on the last day of my two weeks, I did exctly the same thing with my other foot!! Back to A&E, the same guy took the glass outta my foot and told me the same thing. He even recognised me from the first time!! I think you and I are of a kind the world needs people like us... we even out the odds on something really horrible happening to some soul somewhere. That's how I like to look at it. the more little accidents we can have, the less HUGE accidents someone else will have! If that makes sense.....
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Yikes, Rhonda!!! O.K., repeat after me.... the goal is to work on one boo-boo at a time. That must have hurt! What kind of lotion treatment is working on those hands?
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Sorry to hear about your poor thumb. Sending lots of healing vibes your way!
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OUCHIE..what bad luck I bet that really hurt

I always hope I hurt my toes and not my fingers I wouldn't know what to do without being able to type
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i was using vasiline at night i put it on my fingers and wore a rubber glove to bed i also was using a rubber glove at work while doing the donut and bread pull and last but not least i started soaking my fingers dawn dish soap well at least there healing now but now im working on my thumb
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Oh Rhonda! Sorry to hear, I sure hope you are feeling better soon!
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OW OW OW, sorry to hear you have hurt yourself again. Hope that it heals up quickly and that you don't have any more accidents for a while, after all you have paid your "accident" dues for a while, right? ;-) Heal up soon!
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