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If anyone has any spare 'miracles', send them this way, please!

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cuz that is what i am going to need to pass this microbiology test today... i am actually so nervous i am sweating... i never get nervous on tests, but i didnt do so well on my last one either and unless i do good on this one, i may not pass the class

i spent this past week and almost every second of the weekend studying for it and when i would go back and re-read, i would try to answer questions ahead of time and not remember anything i previously read... i am so frusterated...

this class is just not sticking in my head
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Hey sweetie, very best of luck to you. I well and truly lucked out yesterday - so I'm certain I can spare you some for your test!! If it's any consolation, I get the same way in tests and I completely blank out... but it's amazing how much recall you get when you're all in a trance! I've got my fingers crossed for you you'll do grand!
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thank you! that means a lot to me!
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Good luck!!!
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Sendind ((((((( good vibes)))))) everything is gonna be all right!!!
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Sending lots of "pass the test" vibes your way. It sounds like you had the right revision methods though. So you shouldn't worry yourself - you've obviously worked really hard and will be well-prepared for the test .

Sending the vibes anyway~~~~~~~~~~
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Einstein and I send you major good GENIUS vibes to pass that test with flying colors {{{{{{}}}}}}
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Lotsa "you can do it" vibes!! I hope you are able to settle and just nail it. Let us know how it goes, OK?
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You've studied so hard, and you know this material, Meagan! You're going to ace your Microbiology test!
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With all your hard work, you're certain to pass the test!! Brainiac vibes are headed your way.
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whoo-hoo!!!!!!!!! exciting news... had i gone to class last thursday i would have known this, but i went to class yesterday and it turns out he moved the test to tomorrow(thursday) so i get an extra day to study!

thank you all for the good vibes! i still need them and believe me, they are much appreciated!
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Good testing vibes coming your way... eat a piece of chocolate before the test. I know it sounds weird, but it's supposed to help you do better...
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chocolate? noooooo problem!!

thanks, i will give it a try!
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Lots of vibes going your way!!!

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