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Originally Posted by babygirl
I'm really sad right now because the vet told me that there is a chance that Gordo could lose his hearing. Not only is he going to be deaf on one ear, but he is also going to be blind when he gets older. (his eyes didn't fully developed) His two brothers Paco and Peluchita are already blind, Gordo is the one that had the best eyes out of the three of them. BTW, Gordo is running all over the house, jumping on top of his brother.
Dear Tina,
I'm sorry to hear about Gordo. I'm sure he will do fine after surgery. He's such a good boy!
Sending a whole lot of healing vibes to him and Sabrina (hope she doesn't chew on any more electric wires!)
With lots of
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Gordo! My main man! Here's hoping your surgery goes well. [i] Jasper T. Wildcat

Tina? Here are some hugs and good vibes for you.
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Dear Tina, saying a prayer for you and your kittys that Gordos ear surgery goes fine and that your other cats mouth heals quickly. Hang in there. Please let us know how it goes. Hugs
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Oh Tina, Gordo and Sabrina are in my thoughts!
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Oh Tina! I'm so sorry to hear this about Gordo! He's a strong boy, though. Keep a positive attitude for him, and a kiss and hug from me.

Sabrina, sweetie, cords are not food! Open wide when meowmy wants to put medicine in your mouth!

Lots of prayers and vibes for Gordo, Sabrina, and you!
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Oh I do hope all goes well for both of them, and that you do not have to continue to worry for too long.
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I am praying for both of your babies and am sending prayers for you.
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We're thinking of you and the kitties and sending lots of positive vibes that way.
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Tina, I have just seen this! I am so sorry you and your babies are going through this. You're all in my thoughts

Sending MEGA Get Well and Healing }}}VIBES{{{ o both Gordo and Sabrina! Also some loving }}}VIBES{{{ to you!
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I'm thinking of you and Gordo today and hope the poor little kitty is doing ok at the vets. . Please let us know when you have some news. Hugs to you.
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Thank you for thinking of me and my babies. Let me give you guys a quick update. Gordo is in surgery as of this moment. I'm sad because the vet want him to stay over night. He told me to come pick him up tomorrow at 7:30 AM. I can't believe I'm not going to see him today.

I wish I could respond to everyone's post, but I can't. I can't stop thinking about Gordo, I miss him.

Quick update on Sabrina, her mouth is getting better. Thanks for all the vibes and all the prayers.
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Thanks for the update Tina. I'm sorry you won't see your boy today

I'm glad Sabrina is feeling better!

Get some rest yourself!
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VIBES AND PRAYERs STILL COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know it can be upsetting not to see him - but overnight is the best place for him....he'll feel you thinking about him, he will.
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Oh... Dear Tyna, don´t loose the faith I´m so sure Gordo should be fine... still in my prayers yet!!!
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Sorry you won't have Gordo home with you tonight - but he'll be in the best place, getting the best possible care. I'll keep you, Gordo and Sabrina in my thoughts.
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Tina, I know Gordo will miss being home, too. It's best that he's there so they can watch him after his surgery.
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Continuing vibes, Tina!! It will be tough for you not to see your boy today, but the others are right -- always best after a surgery to be where they can keep an eye on him for the first little bit. to you. Keep us posted.
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I know that today will be very difficult for you because precious Gordo will be in the hospital recovering, but if you can, get some rest because tomorrow...Gordo will want lots of his Mommy's love when he comes home. Our prayers are with you darling Gordo.
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Our prayers are still with you Tina. Gordo will come through this with flying colors! Try to get some rest and calm so you can give him all he needs tomorrow morning. Try to remember that he is in the best place he can possibly be while he recovers

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Oh I am so sorry to hear this. Lots of healing vibes to Gordo and to Sabrina.
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Gordo surgery went well, I went to pick up my baby this morning. They shaved his right cheek, but other than that he looks happy. He was purring and giving me headbutts. When we got home all he wanted to do was play with his brother, but I wouldn't let him because he's recovering. Boy was he hungry, he went almost two days without eating. Right now he's taking a nap, Princess is with him (she's taking care of him). I want to thank everyone for their prayers and for the vibes, I would of never made it without you guys. Let's all hope for a speedy recovery. Gordo sends kisses and hugs to everyone who prayed for him. He wants to thank Cola, Saba and Jasper for thinking of him.
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oh Tina, that is good news! And headbutts to boot. What a nice welcome, I'm sure you couldn't get him in your arms fast enough. What a brave, resilient boy - wanting to play with the others right away! Are they doing any type of biopsy? You must be so very tired and now you'll have a chance to keep him close to you and to rest.
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That's GREAT NEWS!!! I am SO glad your baby is home with you know, continued prayers and purrs from Jasper that he recovers completely and quickly. HORAY!!
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Are they doing any type of biopsy?
I don't think so, I am taking my other kits to make sure that they don't have the same problem as Gordo. For now male cats in the neighborhood have to wait to get neuter, I have to take care of my babies first.
Finally, I'll be getting some sleep, I barely slept anything the last couple of days. I'll be going to petsmart later on today, and I'm going to buy Gordo some treats. I'm going to buy some treats for Sabrina too, cause she's finally eating. BTW she's doing good, so good that she's eating dry food.

Thanks Eddie and carol.

BTW, Gordo can hear from his right ear!!!
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Yay!!! Answered prayers!
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Aww what fantastic news. I'm so glad that Gordo is back home with his mommy and other kitty friends. And he can hear too . Sending lots of scritches and good vibes for a continued good recovery for both Gordo and Sabrina.
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I am go glad that Gordo is back home with you...safe & sound.
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I'm so pleased it went well and that you can breathe at last.
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I'm saying a prayer for you and your babies too!! My kitty Travis has been at the vet all week.. I know how you feel.. it's just heart breaking to know your babies are sick.....
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Yea!!! Gordo is home safe and sound!
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