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Please, I need some vibes for Gordo

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My baby needs to be operated, he has a tumor on his right ear. Yesterday, I noticed that his ear smelled bad, I didn't think it was ear mites, since none of my babies have it. So I took him to the vet today, and he told me he needed to operate him as soon as possible. Unfortunately, I didn't have the money with me, so he couldn't operate him today. I have the money now, I called the vet and I told him that Gordo will be coming in tomorrow. Right now I'm really scared, I can't stop crying (I'm very sensitive), so please say a prayer for him.

Sabrina (Gordo's adopted mom) can use some vibes too, I took her to the vet on Monday because something was wrong with her mouth. The vet told me that she has an infection on her mouth, he thinks she got burned. I don't know how that happened since she doesn't go out. She started her treatment today, but it's very hard to put the medicine on her mouth. I've been crying the last couple of days because of my babies, so please say a prayer for the two of them.

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Oh Gordo I'll be sending lots of ::::::::::::::::::::: your way for a smooth operation!!! Be a strong boy for your meowmy!!!

Lots of hugs to you Tina! I know this is a hard time for you, but we're all here to help and we'll send as many vibes as possible to get him through this unscathed!!!

Also a quick recovery to Sabrina as well!!!
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Quick recovery vibes coming your way for both your little bundles of fluff and great big for you too!
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Oh Tina, sending you endless get well vibes for Gordo and Sabrina {{{{{{{{{{}}}}}}}}}}} It is so scary when a little guy goes in for surgery, but it is wonderful that you acted on your hunch and took him in when you did. He couldn't ask for a more caring meowmy Keep us updated on their conditions!
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vibes from me and the girls. Please keep us posted on both little babies. We're thinking of you.
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I wll be sending special prayers up for your darling.
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Oh No! Tyna, count with my Prayers for Gordo
Please Gordo, be strong for your mommie, she need you!
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Tina, I'm sending a lot of vibes!
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Of course your little ones Gordo & Sabrina have my prayers!
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Sending tons of *Good Vibes* for your Gordo for tomorrows surgery
and some *Healing Vibes* for Sabrina too.
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Tina sending lots of positive vibes for Gordo - poor little kitty - I hope it all goes really well . Also sending lots of *healing* vibes for Sabrina so that her mouth heals in superquick time.
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Tina, I hope all goes well for your two sweeties. Lotsa "get well quick" vibes for both of them, and please don't forget to take care of you, while you're worrying about them.
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Lots of healing vibes for little Gordo - a smooth operation and a quick and uneventful recovery - as well as for Sabrina. You might want to check over any wires from lamps or computers or telephone or things like that. She may have got a burn while chewing on something that she shouldn't have.

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I'm so sorry you and your babies are going through this, Tina. I'm praying that Gordo's procedure will be completely successful, and he will have a prompt return to perfect health and that Sabrina's little mouth will heal wonderfully! You are all certainly in my thoughts.
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Bless their little hearts Sending (((((mega vibes))))) for a good recovery for both of them
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Tina, I'm so sorry to hear about Gordo. I hope the surgery goes well and plenty of healing vibes going his way...
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oh Tina! Honey girl, I am praying for your sweet Gordo. He is a very strong boy! I am sending you the healthiest vibes we all can muster and I know you're scared. I would be too, but let's hope it's a very quick recovery and Sabrina just heals right up, too! This must be such an excrutiating wait. Please update when you feel you are ready. Big hugs to all of you down there~~~
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Sending prayers for Gordo's successful surgery and recovery, and also for Sabrina's healing, and sending hugs to you

I second KTLynn's advice about checking your electrical cords for chew marks - that's usually how a cat's mouth gets burned. If you find that she's been chewing cords, try getting some bitter apple cream from the pet store & applying it - that should teach her to leave them alone.

Get well soon, Gordo! And Sabrina too!
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aww TINA
:kitties get well soon (((((((HUGGS)))))))
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Sounds like a really tough time for you and your babies. Sammy, Lola and I are sending tons of healing vibes your way (plus some relaxing/feeling better vibes for you - I'm sure your feeling very stressed out)!!!!
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I'm sending wishes for Gordo and Sabrina to recover quickly. Tina, you are in my prayers too. I know how stressed out I was when my cat was sick and you have two to worry about. Hang in there. Everything will be fine.
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Oh Gordo! I will be thinking of you and your meowmy Tina! Lots of love thoughts and prayers coming your way for you, Gordo, and Sabrina!!!

Gordo, I am sending you lots of , headbutts, and purrs!!! ~Cola
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You have been in my thoughts lately because I haven't noticed you on line or maybe we were just on at different times. I'm very sad for you and Gordo. I can imagine that I would be very scared and upset if it were me. Please give Gordo kisses from all his fans here. I will be praying everything goes quickly for both of you. Please make sure to check in when you can tomorrow and give us an update!
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Thank you for making me feel better, I really appreciate all your kind words. I have to prepare Gordo for his surgery tomorrow, I will feed him around 8:00 PM (I can't feed him after 10 PM). After that I will put him in my room with a bowl of water. I'm really sad right now because the vet told me that there is a chance that Gordo could lose his hearing. Not only is he going to be deaf on one ear, but he is also going to be blind when he gets older. (his eyes didn't fully developed) His two brothers Paco and Peluchita are already blind, Gordo is the one that had the best eyes out of the three of them. BTW, Gordo is running all over the house, jumping on top of his brother. Thanks for all the vibes and prayers.

Thanks Kathryn and Tux, I noticed that one of the wires from the phone is chewed up, I guess I know how that happened.

Chris, I haven't been online because I was on Vacation. I came back Sunday night, to see my two babies sick.

Gordo says thanks to Cola and his Aunty Ashley.

I'll post an update tomorrow.
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What a sad thing to come back to. I'm sorry. You know, Tina, cats like kids can be really resilient (spelling) . I guess that's why they say the have 9 lives. If the loss of hearing and blindness in in the master plan for Gordo, he will adjust. You know he will. He will feel that he loves you all the same just like he does now.
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Originally Posted by captiva

What a sad thing to come back to. I'm sorry. You know, Tina, cats like kids can be really resilient (spelling) . I guess that's why they say the have 9 lives. If the loss of hearing and blindness in in the master plan for Gordo, he will adjust. You know he will. He will feel that he loves you all the same just like he does now.

*Sasha sends big boy vibes to his buddy Gordo.* It sure was nice getting to know you on the vacation thread when you came to Washington. Gordo, you are a big dude, dude. Almost as big as me! And I will tell you this, that I learned to live with half a tongue after the coyote took the other half, and whatever happens, we will always be buds and that is that. You will adapt and your mom is a fantastic mom!
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Oh no Tina, I'm so sorry! I wish I could be there with you to hold your hand while Gordo has his surgery! I wish I could be there to give him kisses when he wakes up from surgery, too. You've gotta give us an update tomorrow, I'll worry myself to death over him!! (you know he's one of my favorites. he might be my #1 favorite but I can't say that cuz I can't hurt the other TCS cats feelings). Anyway, I'll be praying for you and Gordo, chica!!
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Oh Tina, I'm so sorry to hear about sweet Gordo. Poor little guy. I'll be thinking of him and you tomorrow as he goes through his surgery. I pray that all goes well, and he recovers quickly. And my thoughts and prayers are with Sabrina too, that she heals quickly as well.
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Everytime another person reads your message, more love, positive thoughts, & prayers surround & embrace, Gordo & Sabrina...including mine. Be well sweet furbabies.
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I'm so sorry to hear this. Gordo will certainly be in my thoughts and prayers.
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