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I'm back with update

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Hi I don't know if any of you remember me. Figured my cat Taz had pemphigus. I had emailed with Elaine/Eileen a bit about it. She was lots of help.
I've changed vets and am sure glad! The old vet wanted to treat all skin outbreaks with antibiotics and more prednisone.
About 2 weeks ago, TazGuy broke out really bad, worse than I have ever seen.
It's his autoimmune system targeting his skin, trying to destroy it. The new vet showed me how to trim his fur (so air can get at the eruptions) and to apply Corona salve.
She does phototonic accupuncture which she's had a lot of success with. I looked it up on google and had the same result.
Best scene scenario, the treatment could cure him. Or maybe bring it down to minimal management.
One of the things I learned at the vet visit was that he was suffering from the lesions. When the outbreaks are going on, the nerves in his skin are ultra sensitive. Making him very uncomfortable. Because he's such a sweet cat I didn't know this. The vet couldn't believe how good he was about being handled.
We will be starting the accupuncture soon and I sure hope this works. If it doesn't and he keeps getting outbreaks, I'll have to seriously think about putting him to sleep. I won't let him suffer like that.
{{hugs}} to all cat lovers
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Taz has had 2 phototonic treatments so far. He is off of prednisone/steroids. It's too early to tell if this will help.
Would you please say a prayer for us that it does?
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good luck to you!!
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Barb, vibes are coming Taz's way!
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Thank you so much! Yesterday Taz spent most of the day on top of the :censor::censor::censor::censor:. Today he's been on the floor all day! I hope he'll be back to sleeping with me soon.
I just have to remember to be patient. Barb
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welcome back!

I'm sure Taz will be OK and sleeping with you in not time.. just like this dude in the pic (it's marsh! )

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I had Taz put to sleep 3 weeks ago. He was suffering too much.
The skin outbreaks put him at a high risk for future problems. So did the prednisolone/steroids.
The skin disease was so chronic. Like the vet said, it's trying to eat him up.
I let him go. It was a hard thing to do, but the last loving thing I did for him.
I now have a kitten. A grey tiger named Lucy.
She's been good medicine for me and SnotBratGirl/other cat.
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Relieving our kitties of their pain is always a hard thing to do. I'm glad that you had the strength to help Taz. I'm glad your new kitten is fitting in.
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