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Now that Thanksgiving is nearing

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What are your blessings this year?

I am blessed by having a fun-loving husband, even though right now he is a bad patch.

I am blessed with good friends who make me laugh

My animals that let me know what true unconditional love is

And the fierce pride that I feel for this nation and it's people
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Hissy, this is a great thread to start.
I am blessed to have the two most beautiful children in the world, they are my angels sent to me from above. I am blessed to have a wonderful husband who loves me unconditionally and I do the same for him. I am blessed to have a wonderful family, my parents are truly the best, and I have 4 siblings who are my best friends.
And last but certainly not least, I am blessed for being alive today, for being healthy and happy, and enjoying every second of my life.
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I am blessed with two wonderful step-children who think the world of me, as I do them.

I am blessed with my pets who love me unconditionally

I am blessed with the love of God

Thank you Hissy for making me realize what I do have as opposed to often thinking about what I don't have.
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Even though I'm Canadian, and we had our Thanksgiving a while ago, I'd like to answer this too if I may

I'm blessed with a loving husband who looks at life with childlike wonder

I'm blessed with two beautiful loving children

I'm blessed to be living within a 10 minute drive of virtually all of both Hubby and I's families

I'm blessed to be living in a wonderful, free country like Canada ,and with having the best 'neighbors' a country could have

I'm blessed to have a warm bed to sleep in, food in my belly, clean air to breathe, and luxuries that many don't have to keep me entertained
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Great post Hissy.

I am greatful for:

My daughter who is in her 9th year of remission from brain cancer.

The wonderful REAL friends I have who like me the way I am no matter what, who I would do anything for.

My cats who love me unconditionally.

My health.

God getting me through some of the worst times in my life.

The many wonderful people I've met on this site and have become very close with (you guys know who you are.)


The love of my Higher Power.
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Oh, I just thought of a few more...

The fact that my parents, grandparents, and basically all my family are waiting for me in heaven

The wonderful REAL friends I have who like me and would never flame me, no matter what.

The many wonderful friends I have met on this site, who really do like and accept me for who I am and understand me... and you know who you are....

And also the people who realize I have problems too, and actually care about them, and are there for me when I need them, here and outside of here. THANKS
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my family & boyfriend

my friends, both online and off. And the ones who are both

having such a wonderful mother, even if it was only for 18 short years.

to be able to do what I love (my job)and be able to pay the bills

my sweet, furry little friends, who bring me hours of entertainment, and show me what unconditional love is.

to be able to feel happiness, sadness, empathy, etc. just to be able to FEEL and not be indifferent or apathetic.

to be an american

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oh ya, and turkey!
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