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Good vibes needed for rescued kitties

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This past Sunday, we took in a pair of cats that were rescued from an abandoned crack house in North Philadelphia. It was raided by the police and the tenants arrested; the owner boarded it up with the pets inside. A neighbor found the cats and fed them, and we took over from there. We were told both females were pregnant. One is a sweet, friendly dilute calico, the other a shy but sweet solid black DSH. We named them Trinity and Pixie, respectively.

They had their first vet visit today. Pixie could have her kittens anytime from today to two weeks from now. The vet seems to think it more likely to be later rather than sooner. I am so glad we got her before the kittens were born.

Trinity, however, is not pregnant at all. She has mammary cancer. We are going to schedule an x-ray to see if it has spread to her lungs. If it has, the vet told my boyfriend that it would be pointless to subject her to surgery, as it would only prolong her pain and the prospects for survival would be bleak. However, if it has not spread, we’ll have to somehow come up with about $700 for tests and surgery. We have been in a financial crisis for over a year now (as some of you may recall, sigh) but somehow we will find a way to afford it. I am sure the vet will let us pay over time. They already don’t charge us for office visits, since we’re a rescue.

Please say a prayer for these girls, they’ve been through so much and still have much to endure. For Pixie, I wish a swift and easy delivery of a litter of healthy, strong kittens, and a fast recovery. For Trinity, I wish either a favorable diagnosis and successful surgery, or a gentle and painless passage over the Rainbow Bridge.

Thanks for listening, and for your prayers and good vibes. These girls deserve so much better than they’ve had.
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Oh my gosh Sue! Poor little Trinity.

Sending my most positive vibes to both little girls: To Pixie for a healthy pregnancy, and to Trinity for the best possible outcome. And of course to you and Tybalt for strength, both emotionally and financially. Thank you, as always, for helping these little ones.
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Thanks, Heidi. My heart just breaks for Trinity, to have been in such a bad place and starved for attention and affection, and to finally come to a place where she is loved and has all her needs met...and then to be diagnosed with cancer. God only knows what she was exposed to in her former living conditions that might have predisposed her to it. Tybalt is going to see if we can get Trin's xrays done today so we know what to expect. She is such a complete love; within an hour of arriving at our house, she was on her back to get tummy rubs and was licking my face. I hope we caught this early enough to save her.
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Oh, Sue! I'm sending lots of goods vibes, most especially for Trinity!
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Oh that is so sad. But whatever happens, she will be free from pain from now on.
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I feel so bad for Trinity
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MANY hugs and good wishes to you, to Trinity and Pixie. Whatever happens to them now honey, it'll happen safely and with comfort and loving attention- you made that happen and it's wonderful that you did. All good thoughts and prayers.
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Poor baby! (((((mega vibes))))) on their way for this little girl
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Poor sweethearts! I hope that Pixie has an uneventful delivery and healthy kittens, and that there's good news and a full recovery for Trinity. Whatever happens, though, their lives have already improved substantially, and that's your doing. Lotsa vibes for their outcomes, and for your peace through it all.
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Oh, I feel so bad for Trinity. She has already gone through so much already. She is in my prayers and I'm hoping with all my heart that the sweetie recovers and the rest of her life is happy like she deserves.

As for Pixie, I hope her kittens are healthy and frisky as can be.
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They're both back at the vet today. Trinity is getting her xray, and Pixie is getting FIV/FeLk tested. Keeping my fingers crossed that all tests are negative. I should know in about an hour or two when Tybalt gets back home with them.
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We'll be waiting Sue
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Hoping for good news for both of them!!
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Trinity's xrays show her lungs are clear! She is scheduled for a cytology (biopsy) on Saturday, we will have the results a week later. Then we'll have to see about scheduling surgery for her.

Pixie is FIV/FeLk negative! She also was adopted by the vet tech today!

Thank you all sooooo much for the good vibes. See, TCS vibes WORK!!!!
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That is great news!
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YAY!!!!! Fabulous news all around Sue!!!

So are you keeping Pixie until her kittens are weaned or is the vet tech taking her in now?
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Wooooo Hooooo

Thats brilliant Sue, you must be so relieved!
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Originally Posted by valanhb
YAY!!!!! Fabulous news all around Sue!!!

So are you keeping Pixie until her kittens are weaned or is the vet tech taking her in now?

That's a good question, LOL. I called home and got the answering machine. Waiting for Tybalt to call me back so I can find out myself!
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Update: Pixie went home today to her new Meowmy, Lori the vet tech.

We will pick up her carrier (and get an update) on Saturday when we bring Trinity back for her biopsy. I am so happy that she's got a good home and will be settled in there before the babies are born!

I will post pics of both girls later today when I get home from work.
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sending good vibes hooing for a good outcome
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Excellent news!!
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I just got a call from the vet, she wanted to tell me that we might want to look into getting insurance for Trinity, just in case. I am going to look into that tonight when I get home. Does anyone have pet insurance? If so, how do you find it to deal with?
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Any news on them Sue?
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Pixie had her babies Friday night! 3 girls, 1 boy, all solid black like their mom. Lori, the vet tech who adopted her, had the family in the office with her on Saturday, so I got to see them when we brought Trin in for her biopsy. They are adorable! Pixie is a very devoted mom.
Trinity did well with her biopsy, we should get the results sometime this week. Keeping my fingers crossed that it is not malignant....
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Sending good vibes too I should come visit your fur babies at the rescue I'm only about a half hour away
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I'm keeping my my fingers crosed for good news on Trinity biopsy results

I bet the kittens are cute I'm glad you found a good home for Pixie
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