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cat chewing on hair

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My youngest, Peter, eight months, adopted in Jan. has started chewing on my hair several times a night. Is this to get attention or what?
He's a sweet little guy, but it's getting a little annoying. My two older cats have never done anything like this. Any thoughts? Thanks!
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Er... get used to it!!!!

Out of my six cats, only one is a hair-chewer, and it is NIGHTLY and has been this way for the past 11 years since she found me!!

K.C. is otherwise a normal, healthy cat. She just LOVES to rub her little face into my scalp (but ONLY at nighttime and ONLY in my bed) and chew on my hair.

The only problem I see is, if you have long hair (mine's over 2 feet long), kitty eats your hair and then gets a nice long hairy string going through her body. Could be bad.

I have to sleep with my hair in a braid cuz of the length. If your hair is long enough, maybe you could do this? Unless your hair is short, then it won't matter.

I don't think it's to get attention. My cat Hammie chews on plastic cuz it feels good to his mouth (I can tell by his expression, he just *adores* plastic!). K.C. chews my hair cuz it's time to nuzzle & love, and I pet her til I fall asleep.

Every night, for the past 11 years.

So you might want to get used to it!!! Just a sign of love for ya.
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I had a cat that used to lick my hair as if washing it, then before she finished she would give a little bite to my head. Somtimes her bite would hurt, and that is when I would tell her no, and gently pull her close to me and pat her.
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Bear does this too and it can drive nuts at times:-). I think it is part of his 'grooming me' routine - although he is even more interested when I have just washed my hair. I just keep pulling it out of his mouth.

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It's most likely for attention. Limerick did it when he was between 5-7 months. He doesn't do it so much anymore, but he loes to claw at my hair. It's pretty cute!!
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Simon loves to chew/suck on my hair, especially if I put a finger in it and he can access it through the hair. He's fallen asleep with my pinky in my hair in his mouth. I think it has something to do with his wanting to nurse (he was a bottle baby), and getting serious comfort and love from it.

He doesn't do it always, just sometimes. And honestly? I actually enjoy it, sort of like a bonding thing. sounds silly, but still...

None of the others do it, though.

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What type of shampoo you are using? Switch to an organic brand
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Willow does this for attention. At night, she'll find one strand of my hair to chew on until I lift up the blankets so she can cuddle with me. It's her way of signaling that it's snuggle time.
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My one cat, Noir, is about 2 years old and has started doing this no more then 6 months ago. If I am laying around studying or watching tv, she will stand on her back legs and run her claws (with both paws at the same time) through my hair as if she is trying to brush it. Then when she hits a tangle or something that stops her claws, she "holds" on and licks my hair until too much gets in her mouth then starts over. She also licks my forehead and grooms my eyebrows too. I didn't even think about my shampoo but maybe it is because of that. I know when she moves down to groom my cheek it is because of my makeup or powder so I stop her.
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my sara started doing the exact thing around the beginning of the year, i love her to death, but yes, it is the most annoying thing....

he might grow out of it, sara no longer does it, so just give it a few months...

now i have another problem... she licks, everytime you get near her mouth, wether it is a finger, hand, arm, leg, it gets licked.... but she doesnt chew on hair anymore!
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oh I love when my cat plays with my hair, I think it is adorable but it does get annoying when she licks my face because her tongue hurts. Usually when she is done "grooming" me she moves to my upper back and kneeds using her claws just slightly so where it feels like a mini back massage. Then she curls up and falls asleep on my upper back or on the side of my neck and shoulder.
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Thanks for the input! Since Pete's chewing seems to be a sign of affection, I'll put up with it. Considering this little guy didn't even like human contact a few months ago, I'm thrilled that he is giving and willing to receive love.

A few people also mentioned your babies who lick you. That would be my Gracie.
If I pick her up and ask for a kiss, she licks me on the ear. She's also been known to gently bite my ears and nose to get me up in the morning. Who needs an alarm clock!
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I had a cat a few years ago that loved to chew my hair too. I just took it as a sign of affection too. I never thought about my shampoo. That would make sense too. It was kinda funny when he stopped though. I cut my hair super short when I joined the fire department and then he seemed to dis-own me and clung to my dad who also had long hair. LoL...now Fat Fat lives with him. 16 years old and still loves hair! PS with a 25 pound siamese cat, we couldn't help but re- name him Fat Fat.
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