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Wish me luck?!

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I am taking my 3 cats to the vets today which is going to be a real handful. We were taking them just for booster vacinations and for our new kitten to get checked over and mirochipped plus get the vacinations he hasn't got yet.

Well now we are also going because our new kitty Huggy hasn't stopped Sneezing since we got him home, at first we just thought he was addjusting to the new smells but now were not too sure. Plus we think he could of passed it on to Eviecat as she has been sneesing lately too. So I am worried about them, so please keep your fingers crossed for my babies.

Then also Molly is not to well either, over the last 4 days or so she has been sick and had diareaha on and off. We just thought it was due to a funny tummy but now we think its something else. Ever since she had her operation to get spayed we were told to watch out for infection so we did. it was hard to keep an eye on her as she would never let us pick her up (unlike her). Well yesterday we thought something wasn't right as everytime we did pick up up it was like she wa crying in pain. So we held her quite tight so we could have a look at the stitches (that are due out today!). When we touched around the oputside she was ok but when we got nearer the stiches where she'd hadf the op she cried in pain and the place looked crusty and there was a lump. We then let her now and realised it must be an infection but we feel so bad for not noticing it earler. I really hope she is ok and it hasn't spread too much....I am so worried about her as she is not herself at all.

So everyone if you could send all the good vibes, wishes and prayers you have for my babies that they'll be ok I would be so grateful.

We love them to bits and want to do anything we can to make them better, Its going to be so hard taking 3 cats to the vets when Eviecat hates ebing in her carrier and Molly is terfied of it because the last thing she remembers is going in there for herb operation and then theres Huggy who i have a feeling will hate it too.

Anyway we are doing it for the best so hopefully they will forgive in time,

I best dash as the appointment is in an hour,

Thanks for listening and I only wish i had posted sooner,

Eva xxx
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Good vibes coming their way!
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lots of prayers and good vibes to your sweet babies!!!!
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You already know you, Eviecat, Molly, and Huggy are in my thoughts and prayers, Eva!
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Hi Everyone,

Thank you for all your good vibes etc. We took them to the vets and in the end non of them had there vaccinations as they were all too poorly.

Huggy has mild cat flu so he is now on some medication to make him better, he also had a shot at the vets. Then Huggy has passed it on to Eviecat so she is ill also and needs to have some medication. The Molly has mild cat flu also with something from the operation so all the cats are on pills.

So hopefully in a week or two they'll all feel a lot better and can go back and get there vaccinations.

Its just going to be hard trying to give them all pills and I have a feeling Eviecat will be the hardest...but then I think they all will be. We've just gone and bought a pill giver which helps us to give them some pills and we've got to go sort them out so I'll have to dash.

Thanks for everything everyone

Eva, Eviecat, Molly and Huggy xxxx
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Ooohh.. so glad your little ones are getting some medication. I am sure they will feel better very soon. Glad you got them in when you did.
Yes, I know -- cat pills are the worst! Bella had 3 pills 3times per day for a week and I almost went crazy with it all. No fun, but you will make it though.
take care Eva & Eviecat, Molly and Huggy
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