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good smoothie rescipies??

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I finally talked my mom into buying a blender! So now, I get to be healthier and make some smoothies. My frist experiment is ok, but could be better. Here's whats in it:

Plain Yogurt
Frozen Strawberries
a bit of honey

Do any of you have a favourite and healthy recipie I can try? I was thinking maybe I'd try something with frozen blueberries next...mmmmm
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Could give a various combinations that I enjoy.

1) Mango Peach
2) Watermelon + Lime
3) Lime + Honey
4) Strawberry Kiwi + A dash of blueberries and a hint of Mango
5) Chocolate + A hint of mint ice cream
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I've got a couple of smoothie recipe books, but you can use your "basic recipe" or instead of yogurt and ice I've used the non fat frozen vanilla yogurt. You can always add a bit of vanilla, or cinnamon/nutmeg too. Or bran/ground flaxseed to make it more healthy (or booze!!)
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I love the idea of a watermellon lime one, that's definately on my list of things to try!

vanilla sounds good too, although now I'm wondering what a green apple and cinnamon smoothie would taste like
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By the way, you could just as easily make it a simple fruit drink for an even healthier drink. And it tastes just as good.
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i got a smoothie maker for christmas and i ahve made some yucky concoctions!

i have no idea why i thought cucumber and celery would make a nice drinK!

try this website: http://www.innocentdrinks.co.uk/drinks/drinks.html

it tells you exactly what goes into their delicious drinks so you can recreate the recipe at home.
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I'm a big fan of Alterra's Berry Booster and then I get Spirotein (sp?) added. I'd maybe call and ask or go online to see what they put in theirs. I'd add blueberries to the recipe you posted....
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I love love love strawberry and ananas
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This may not be super healthy, but it tastes great and is better than chocolate ice cream, health wise-

milk, hershey's syrup, peanut butter, ice, and milk- blend it all together. It's also good if you add Genosoy chocolate protein powder.

We got a Smoothie Jr. blender for a wedding present. They have lots of recipes online. I like mixing frozen strawberries, raspberries, apple juice, and vanilla frozen yogurt together.
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Mmm I'm a big smoothie fan too. I always have a pot of frozen blueberries in the freezer and just throw smoe in. I also have frozen mango pieces on hand for smooties. And sliken tofu, but noone else seems to like it!
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Huge smoothie fan here, too! I just throw stuff together so I can't really say but I agree that bananas and strawberries are good.

I have some recipes but they really are not very healthy.
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I wanted to have a blender and I got a really nice blender from my husband this christmas, and I needed a smothie recipe.
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grrrrooooaaaannnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!! yall are making me hungry!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it all sounds soooooo good lol
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just made a banana, soya milk and cinnamon smoothie. mmmmm
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