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New mom hasn't used the litter box

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My foster-kitty who is a new momma had a really long and hard labor which ended at about 6pm on Sunday night. She still hasn't used her litterbox since the delivery. Does anyone know if this is normal. She is also not eating alot. She has eaten some and I have give her KMR (which she sipped down) and she has drank alot of water.

I'm hoping this is all normal. I have been giving the kittens some extra KMR just to be sure that they are getting enough, especially the two smallest kittens.

Can anyone just put my mind at ease and tell me that all of this is normal.

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i wish i could help you. i keep writing you replies but deleting them coz i'm not sure whats the right thing!

maybe ring your vet and ask him/her?

Maverick didnt use her litter box or eat or drink for a while coz she was a bit overwhelmed and tired after her birth. but she had an easy birth and only one kitten.

just keep doing what your doing and good luck
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Well, thanks for trying.

I'm gonna call the vet just to be sure.

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i hope its all ok.

i was more worried than the cat when she gave birth! i dont know how the breeders do it.
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Sorry just got online. If it was a long and difficult labor, she just might not have the energy to do much right now. If you didn't see her expel all the sacs and afterbirth, then ring your vet. She is more than likely just exhausted and it isn't worth her time now. Plus if she isn't eating much there isn't much for her to donate to the litter pan. Ringing your vet is a good idea, if only to give you peace of mind.
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I did count all of the placentas, so that is not an issue. She is spotting a little, but it's less and less everyday (and it has not even been 48 hours since the birth).

I'm thinking she's really tired. She seems to be feeling good and is really being a great Mom. She purrs and kneads when I pet her....little sweetie!!

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Sorry, hubby is on forced overtime until 4 each morning and I just cannot sleep until I hear him come home...so I slept in this morning and have just now seen your post.

A lot of queens will evacuate their bowels prior to giving birth, so it is probable that she doesn't have anything in there. And since she has been so busy with delivering her babies, she really hasn't eaten much either as you said.

I wouldn't worry too much about it for now, she will eat and she will poop shortly after she eats, you can bet on it.

The bloody discharge is normal for up to about 10 days after birth ... unless it is extremely heavy or mixed with foul smelling discharge, it is probably OK.

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Thanks so much for your reply.

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