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Help with Animal volunteer statement

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I am volunterring to help at a local animal home in London and wanted some help with my statement. The areas that I have asked to be considered for are cat grooming and cuddling, rabbit grooming and cuddling, and office/reception work.

What can I say in my statement? I find this really hard to put down on paper...
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How about:

I want to help to those in need, and never break my word.
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I don't know how to help but I can offer some support vibes! Good luck.
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Thanks I am sure I will think of something to write. Will all these things (like appraisals at work etc) I never know what to say!
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Gilly, I would just keep it positive and focus on what you want to bring to their program. Something along the lines of, "I believe that every creature needs love and attention. In addition to the basic needs, when a cat or rabbit is used to positive interaction and groomed properly, they are more attractive to potential adopters. In addition to the fun and rewarding activities of petting and grooming, I know that animals also need a clean environment which will also enhance the experience for potential adopters, and I am willing to do the "dirty work" as well."

I know most shelters are in dire need of people willing to clean litterboxes and cages, and while everyone wants to love on the cute animals, saying something like that may set you apart or at least show your committment as a volunteer.
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what shelter are you going to volunteer for? my mums friend does that sort of thing and i could ask her for some ideas?
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I would say somethng that shows you are responsible, reliable, not likely to panic or react in unpleasant situations - that you are not afraid to clear up animal mess, and that you are practical. Do not be too sentimental - animal shelters see a lot of abused and unattractive animals (at least when they first come in) and so they don't want people who only think about the fluffy cute aspects. Good luck!
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Fantastic Labour Gilly I´ll envy you!... My best wishes for you!
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Originally Posted by maverick_kitten
what shelter are you going to volunteer for? my mums friend does that sort of thing and i could ask her for some ideas?
The Mayhew Animal Home - it is in North London area.

I have some ideas now what to put on my form (I will have to try and put it in words now!) Thank you for all the replies

I am willing to clean cages as well as it is something that I enjoy. I used to keep rabbits and hamsters so know how to look after them. Without stating the obvious, I love cats so helping them out should be a doddle!

My day job is in an office and as the Mayhew really need help answering the telephones and helping out with admin during the weekends that is one thing I am qualified for, but would rather do something more "hands on" as a first choice so that it is not too similar to the day job.

Also, I think that as I do work in an office during the day, sitting down etc, this would be a great thing to do at weekends. As well as helping the animals there will be a sense of wellbeing that I have done something to help a charity. Apart from the animals, I may also get to meet some new and interesting people.

Did I just waffle there? I best write this on my form but in better syntax!
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i know the mayhew animal home.

there was a thing about it in the paper the other day, about a man who got his dogs from there.

its a really old home isnt it? might be a bit competative as its quite well known.

we were going to look for a dog from there but all our fences have blown down due to the horrible weather so we have to wait until we can secure the garden again.

when you get the job save me a good dog! lol
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did you get the job?
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