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Jenny, I was just wondering how Persil was - I am not sure if i have missed an update lately
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wondering how Persil is here too!
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The update is that my friend is back from Vienna with the test pack and Persil will have her blood taken here by Haris next Tuesday, then the blood will go to Vienna for full analysis. The vet there said he didn't trust the accuracy of the SNAP tests. Att he same time Ellie and Dushka will have their rabies blood tests taken, to confirm their immunity and validate hteir passports. Persil will have to wait for that as the Austrian vet said that she must be checked out and if necessary treated for ehrlichiosis before any other blood analysis. So it is progressing, but slowly. On another front, Haris has lent me an enormous cat carrier with which I am trying to trap the feral in the garden for TNR. I have been working with it for several days, and Sisco will now go right into it to be fed, so I could shut the door if I wanted. The only problem is that for the last few days he has only come round at night for food, and I need to trap him in the morning! I cannot keep him all night in it, it would be unfair to him and drive the neighbours (whom I am trying to keep in ignorance of this) crazy.

I will update on both fronts as soon as possible.
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This is good to hear. Keeping Persil in my thoughts! Good luck trapping the feral!
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Thanks for the update Jenny. I was just wondering how little Persil was doing
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My gosh...this reads like an exotic novel. My heart to out to you both. You are a loving, smart mommy, who is taking great care of your charges. My thoughts & prayers are with you.
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Home from the rabies and blood tests, in total shock. Ellie escaped from the carrier and got mauled by three dogs. Thank God there was a vet on hand to examine her immediately. She does not seem injured though I think she may have lost a couple of claws and some fur. She was covered in blood, but it belonged to one of the dogs, a terrier, not her, so I think she was fighting hard for her life. When we pulled the dogs off her (three of them had her on the ground) she just lay there and I thought she was dead. Her mouth was open and then I could see she was breathing. I have brought her home now and put her in my bedroom in the dark, with a saucer of warm milk and a litter tray. I don't know what else to do. The vet, Haris, said just to leave her alone and quiet for 24 hours and to ring him if I thought there were any problems. She is walking a little stiffly, but he said there are no bones broken though she is probably bruised. And that was after she had been so good during the blood donation - hardly a peep. Dushka was good too, but Persil fought and screamed and it was a battle to get enough blood to take to Vienna. I thought all that was bad enough, then poor Ellie got out and ran. It was my fault - I didn't check the bottom clips of the carrier carefully. We were doing it at my friend's garage as she is the one going to Vienna. I just feel awful.
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This is terrible...poor baby. My thoughts & prayers are with all of you.
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Ellie is lying on my bed, though she has managed to get tot he litter tray 4 times tonight. She has slightly loose stools - could htis be shock? She doesn't want to eat or drink anything and when I touch her gently on the sides or tummy she squeaks. I hope it is just bruising. I will call Dr Haris in the morning and let him know how she is. Her fur is all matted on the sides but apart from some clumps missing there are no wounds.
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Persil does have a slight case of ehrlichiosis, parasites that live in the blood, and she went for an injection of doxycillin this morning. She was very good, despite it being a nasty injection that burns because of the alcohol base. She needs another one in 14 days and that should be that. I am so glad that we had the other blood tests taken.
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Glad to hear it is treatable and that sweet little Persil will be OK.
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I just want to send hugs and love to you and your babies - you've been through so much together. Hope you all have a calm and serene weekend.

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Thanks, Linda. I know, I can't wait till we all move to France and I am sure it will be calmer and I won't worry so much. But I am sooo glad I found Haris - he really is a wonderful vet, though he has to work, as he says, with idiots and no budget.
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I pray that peace & calm enfold you & your sweet babies.
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Oh wow Jenny you really had me worried as I read all this, especially with the pics gone and 2 red x's in their place!!!! So glad little Persil is on the mend, you were so right to get the blood tests. What a scare with Ellie - my heart was in my mouth as read of her escape. I bet your all in shock.
The move to France just cant come quick enough eh!
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Are the pix back? I don't know why you can't see them!
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Wow, Jenny, you and your babies have had some super scary moments lately!I'm so relieved to know Ellie is recovering well and Persil's illness will respond well to treatment! Thank you for keeping us updated how they are both feeling! The pictures may have not been visible right then because Photobucket was having a temporary issue.
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I know - all I want right now is a quiet life for them and me - it has been too much recently. My last sig, by the way, was on Imagehosting, but I had so many issues with them that I have now moved to Photobucket. I hope it will be better.
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I love your new siggy, Jenny!
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Thanks. I have great trouble taking pix of Ellie as her black fur just soaks up all the light, whatever I try. I end up with a silhouette ar something that is really over-exposed. I will keep trying!
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Ellie, you're such a beautiful little girl!
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Originally Posted by jennyranson
Are the pix back? I don't know why you can't see them!
Can see them now - wow little Persil is no longer little is she. She a growed up kitty now.
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