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Am I lucky or what!!

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This is going to sound so stupid, but I had to share because I'm feeling really uber smug just now! I have an old prom gown - cream brushed silk - that I decided I was going to jazz up to wear at my uncles wedding in May. Let's face it, a tub of dye and a few appliques comes to nothing cost-wise compared to a new outfit! I was really apprehensive about dying the dress... you know what water does to silk, but I swallowed my fear, kissed the dress goodbye (I love the thing - sad, I know!) and plunged it into a bathtub full of cold water and coldwater dye. Miracle upon miracle.... it's worked!!! It's not quite the shade of pink I was after, but I still like it. So I hung it out on the line to dry and hoped like hell it would still fit me when it had dried completely - and guess what... it does!!! I feel like the jammiest person on the planet right now... I was so ready to throw the dress out as a complete write-off! Oh but am I lucky or am I lucky... turns out that my other half - making up for forgetting Valentine's day - has brought back a rather expensive pashmina shawl from China for me.... and it's the perfect colour to wear with the gown! Right at this very second in time, I feel like one lucky woman... how long it'll last, I don't know, but I'm certainly enjoying it while I can!!
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Wow, Emma, that's super clever of you to fix up your old gown for your Uncle's wedding! Way to go, you're going to look fabulous! How wonderful of your other half to give you this pashmina shawl! I bet it's beautiful! I sure am looking forward to seeing pictures!
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That's great, Emma! You will look great for your Uncle's wedding!
Plus, how good of your other half to get a pashmina that coordinates so well!

You'll certainly have to show us some pictures!
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Good for you Emma! You'll look beautiful for sure!
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Fantastic! What a courageous thing to do - I'm so glad it all worked out, it sounds lovely. Are you going to post a pic?
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What a great idea!!! I've tried things like that to salvage old clothes I have, but it never seems to work for me Glad to hear you have a gret new (and inexpensive) outfit to wear to your Uncles wedding!!
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heheh well it could have been expensive... the dress cost me £150 to start with!! But it is 6 years old so I guess it doens't owe me anything I'll post pics when I get the chance, of course!!
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Piic-tuures! Pleease! You will be beautiful and we all want to see it.
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i love crafty things like that. plus you have something unique to wear.

i dont think i could fiot into a dress from 6 years ago though! lol
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Oh Emma, that is so wonderful!!! I can't wait to see pics......when is the wedding?
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Oh man Emma, how gutsy are you to risk doing that with silk? That is awesome that it turned out so beautifully! I'd love to see pictures.
Maybe someone could start a thread on how to update or refurbish clothes/furniture/etc. I love hearing stories like this, about how to save $$ and end up with a great product (like a beautiful silk dress!)
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i'd love to see a picture
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You are indeed lucky!! Pics please
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That sounds wonderful...I look forward to the pictures! Are you still going forward with adding appliques?
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Awwwww Emma thank you for share, I so sure you´ll make a great work!!! Sending ((((((Good vibes ))))))) for you
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