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Too smart!

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Char figured out how to open the doors so now he opens the bedroom door to get in with us if we leave him out at night... These aren't your typical doors either, the handles are hard to turn. I think he runs and jumps on the handle and it opens.. Silly cat!
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Lexus just body slams herself against the door until I get up and open it (she has me so well trained, don't you think?) or if I ignore her, she starts to pick at the carpet underneath the door - all you see is this little dainty brown paw that sticks under the door and hooks onto the carpet - and all you hear is the carpet ripping. *sigh* If the carpet ripping doesn't get the attention she desires, she sits outside the closed door and just WAILS that awful Siamese howl, over and over again. I always cave and let her in. What's a little sleep to someone who is already clinically sleep-deprived? *grin*
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Gotta love them!
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Ahh....I thought I was going to get some sound advice for the door body slamming and the wailing and the gnashing to get in when you lock them out...

My BF is always close to having a fit when Lovey does this...(it honestly sounds like he is going to come through the door that I have this image of him just throwing himself full force after a running start) so I always give in to him...I generally get up and go sleep in the living room though if its particularly bad....BF thinks I am indulgent of course and thinks I need to find a solution.
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Limerick had learned if he runs and jumps at the door hard enough, he can open my bedroom door. The funny thing is he tried it at my house too. Well it didn't work. My mom and my sister found him spread eagle, standing on his hind legs with paws on the door, looking very confused.
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