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Dutchy's New Kittens

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I just had to share. Snipped papa can relax his two..not supposed to be but none the less litters are arrived. Bellies two are doing great updated photos soon. And will be going to a wonderfull home together!

And as far as i know all these babies have homes too good ones

The little Calico gets to stay here..Dutchy threw her in just for me i think.

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Nice photos of the wee ones. Can't wait to see more updated pics.
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oh they are gorgeous, my 2 are coming along keep bugging my hubbie to put pics on putter for me!! hello to the little kitties
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Aww, happy kitty family!
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Thanks everyoen babies and mom are doing great
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They are just beautiful!
You'll have to keep posting pictures!!
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Holy Cow there are a lot of babies being born now! am I the last to announce?

aside from poor CJandBilly....

Congrats to your beautiful babies!!!!

Willow is a red-long-haired (no white) and I'm SO hoping the daddy had some white so she'll throw me a cali-baby to love too. Although, I suspect no matter what, they will all be irrisistable!
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Thanks again everyone and oh yes I will be posting photos do not worry about that! Mom and babies are doing great And I am having trouble thinking of a name for the little calico i get to keep lol
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Darling little furbabies. It looks like Mama Kitty is taking good care of her kittens.
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They sure are darling!!!!
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Ohhhh they are so cute!! The little cali is a doll. I'm a sucker for a calico, too.
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Yes mom is taking WONDERFULL care of them. So much I cant get any good pics, LOL I will soon. I was allowed to look at one of the little grey and whites today and it has a little swipe of grey on its little chin, OH SO CUTE lol
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Aww, what a cute family.
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Any new pictures of Mommy and the babies?
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Oh they are very sweet!
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Its kitten season!
there is already a list in the newspaper to adopt kittens maybe after teufel is neutered i can get one
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