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bengal kittens and thier new cat bed

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and one of duma sleeping
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Everytime I see photos of bengals....especially kittens.... I feel this compelling urge to be owned by one.

Great photos! Thanks for sharing them.
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Wow, talking about camouflage!
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Omg! How cute is that?

Those pics would make a really good postcard!
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Oh my God,they are soooooo cute. How old are they? Can I kidnap one for myself?
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Originally Posted by Fat Clumsy Cat
Can I kidnap one for myself?
Don't you mean... catnap? hehe
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So cuteeeeee
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So adorable!!!!
(Hahaha, do I ever say anything different when I see your photos?!)
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CUTENESS OVERLOAD!!!!!!!! Those babies are too precious for words! Thanks for sharing those great pics
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Aww they are so cute, I love the first pic.
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Every time you post pics of these angels, my heart breaks because I want one sooooooooooooo bad. I think 4 is enough for me, though. Really though, I love your pics and these little bengal babies. They're so precious...
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Oh...they are so cute. Sweet Sweet Furbabies. Purrrrrrrrr
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you forgot the cuteness alert - & i really needed it! they're adorable!
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They are breathtakingly beautiful!! Your pics could make calendars and posters that everyone would want to buy. I would LOVE to have a bengal baby but my kitty would be too jealous.
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quite adorable furrys!
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oooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhh! They are SO adorable!!! Thanks for sharing!!!
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Kittens? Where? They are very cute all camaflagued!
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What a bunch of little monkeys! Too cute.
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Aww they are so adorable! I love their kitty bed!
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Soooooooo cute . I am always inpressed with your cats and kittens. I am going to have to get a Bengal one day, I love them.
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OMG that has to be the cutest bunch of kittens i have ever seen. definatly feel bribary coming on! hubbie beware me wantie.
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OMG! are they cute or what?!?
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