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Kitten Help/Advice Needed

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OK, so I've been to kittenresuce.com, and those types of sites, I've read around this site, and i've even taken advice from my vet, and nothing is going that great.
Tomorrow they are 4 weeks old, I am feeding them with the bottle like 6 times a day, they are doing ok with that.....only little at a time, but at least they are eating.
I tried yesterday and today to get them eating from a dish, just the KMR, not solids. It's ok I guess....some are getting the hint, but they will not eat much from the dish before they run over to me screaming and crying.
I have about half of them peeing in a litter box on their own, the others, I have to hold over it when I notice they are doing it on my leg (no prob, they'll get it soon)
It's been 2 days since mom's been here, and I haven't seen any poop anywhere. Can they do it on their own, are they eating it?
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Matt, go ahead and introduce them to solids - get a real mushy, pate-style canned kitten formula (I like Nutro but any of the better quality kitten formulas are fine) and mush it up real good with a little bit of warm water. Not much, just enough to make a thick and gooey sort of mess. They like messes. They are kittens, otherwise known in my home as messpots. *grin* They will walk through it, get it everywhere and in general possess simply dreadful "table manners", but let them. What happens is that they get it on their fur and then lick it off either of themselves or off of a litter mate and then go straight to the bowl for more. It may take a day or so, depending on individuals, but it should go well. Confine them with their bowls and a litter box in a place where you find it easy to clean up after them. I use an extra-large dog crate for this, but anywhere you can keep them in one, easy to clean place works.

At four weeks old, they should not need stimulating to poop, but if you are worried that they haven't (and my guess is they have, you just haven't found it yet) you can try to stimulate them. The worst that can happen is that some may poop on you. *smile* I like to introduce both solid foods and the litter box at the same time because in my own experience, Momma will quit doing poop duty just as soon as the babies are eating on their own.

How is your Momma girl doing? I have been hoping for good news.
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