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how long do kittens grow?

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Chester seems to be growing and growing and growing. This will be his 7th month, and I'm wondering at what point most tabby cats stop growing. It seems like he's going to be a giant by the time he's done (his back is already 14" long!).
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Mine all continued to grow in length until about 11 months and then started to fill out. They got pretty long and lean in betweenI look back at photos of them at 6 months old and realize they are a little more than half grown:-).

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This is a guess, but from what I've seen here or there, I think their frame grows until about 12 months and then they start filling out.
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My Zoey is still growing and she is appr 13 months .... Most are thru at a yr
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I think it depends on the breed but I've always thought they grew until they were about a year old. I've read that Maine Coons grow until they are 3 years old.
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Ragdolls grow until they are 3 to 4 years old.
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Yes, I was just looking at my boys today wondering this. They're coming up for one year in a month. I just realised that they're a shadow of their daddy, but I guess them being desexed would have impacted on size as well.
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LOL and then get enormous. My boys are now HUGE, 11 months old and still have massive feet, I keep wondering how big they plan to get! Jazzie on the other hand, at six months, is still physically a baby, even with her baby proportions. There is a way I read a maine coon breeder describing once about measuring their full length when they're crashed right out on the floor asleep- full stretch from front to back paw at six months old - which gives a good estimate of their percentage of growth and how much bigger they're likely to get? Does anyone know the formula for this?
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