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scraping her food ?

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hello , my question is about my kitten (6 months old) she is scraping around her food bowl , its kind of the same scraping she does when useing the litter tray !!! is she trying to tell me in a polite way that she does not like her food , , she is vary vary VARY fussy about what she eats !!! i hope someone can shine some light on the subject , thank you , kind regards
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Sweetie does this all the time! She usually does it after she eats, though, like she's "bussing her table." I'll second the question... is this just a quirk with some cats?
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Welcome to both of you!

Many times in the wild, feral will bury their food to make sure no one else eats it before they come back to finish it. My Ophelia does it sometimes...but only when it's REALLY good wet food.

I'll move this to Behavior where you can get more answers.
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Mine try to bury their food when I serve them something that they don't like - it is like their way of saying that it shouldn't be left out to eat but really belongs in the litter box. There have been times when they have actually got the scattermats over top of the food, and then they will look at me as if to say, 'well, now that I have buried that offensive smelling mess, how about serving me something tasty that I will want to eat?'

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