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Braces off!!!

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TODAY i only had 2 hours sleep...
i got here at 1 am and i was so bored at my parents place, i felt homesick from leaving bf and teufel.
i couldnt sleep untill 4 am and then at 6 i woke up to call bf coz as you all know he started his new job today and he LOVES IT!!

When i called him he sounded so sweet he said "i´ve barely had any sleep its tooo quiet and empty with out you and teufel wont stop meowing looking for you" aww my heart melted and i just wanted to pack up and just go home!!
i barely could sleep after that and when i did it was nearly 8 am!!
i had planed to get up at 6 am to finish the vacation thread for everyone... whichim making up for now... hehe...

anyway.... i start walking im puffed out at the trainstation and get real swetty.... i thought i was going to die because i hadnt walked that much in sooo long... haha but it did me real good... i was going there and i was having doubts that they would take them off.... they took them off and wow my mouth was bleeding like there was no tomorrow, i had to disinfect it twice, nd rinse my mouth out about 10 times because there was too much blood with saliva... well they came off and i got to leave at 11:15 i went and met up with my mum and we went shopping.... even now at 22:55pm i cant stop licking my teeth... its been so long and they look so different!!!

i dont even like the way its done now because it looks weird! i dont have my "pout" anymore and i look rather flat from my nose down to my chin and now my lips look alot thinner

anyay i got to enjoy my first meal after my braces with chipping my tooth and brining a tooth foward! when i got there later to pick up my second braces only to wear in the night they thought i was crazy because i slid my jaw like sideways and go one of my back teeth chipped and to move foward b a little bit my bottom front tooth.. my dentist hopes that it will get back to what it was just a few hours before hand with the plates or else there was pretty much a waste with the braces haha.....

well im really happy now!! bf is also he cant wait to see them.... i hope he doesnt try to lick them

NOW im 18 getting 19 too quick!! and just have to work on my hair and jelly to be pretty
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um dont mind my spelling mistakes im really tired!!! lol and i dont like this laptop...
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Aww Fwan you're pretty anyway!

I forgot bf was starting his job today - I'm glad it went well. It's sweet that you miss each other - that's how it should be.

You'll get used to your teeth - it's just so different than what you were used to. You've got an excuse to stand in front of the mirror now - you've got to practice your new pout . It should go something like that.
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fwan, I think you're beautiful because of your sunshine attitude. But get to work on your hair and pout if you must...
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Originally Posted by flisssweetpea
Aww Fwan you're pretty anyway!

You've got an excuse to stand in front of the mirror now - you've got to practice your new pout . It should go something like that.
Practice your new pout!!!!
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i remember when i had my braces off when i was about 14, it felt really weird because i was so used to haveing them on!
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Aw sweetie - you sound so delighted! I'm soooo pleased for you! Now you have to make sure you make the most of having your braces off - by eating all the food you weren't allowed to with them on, and by grinning inanely at complete strangers!! Sure, you'll have to practise a new pout - but it'll be SO worth it!! Congrats girlie!
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That's great, Fran!
I still remember the feeling of having smooth teeth again after a brace! So strange!
You enjoy your new smile and pout!
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Hooray for getting your braces off! I remember when I got mine off too, it did feel wierd, but I was so excited too! I hated the feeling of having them in my mouth. I felt free again. Good luck practicing that new pout.
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Yippee, Fwan!How exciting! (Wut speling misteaks )
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That's so terrific, Fran! Good for you! It's nice, too that you know that BF and Teufie miss you!!!
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Yay yay yay yay yay Fran! Congrats on ditching the braces! Do you just love your new smile? (hopefully you're not giving us that demented smile right now!) I bet you cannot wait until bf sees the new you! Hope Teufel will recognize his meowmy! That is too sweet how much the boys have missed you; isn't that a great feeling???
You'll have to post a picture of you with your new smile for us!!!
Again, congrats hon!
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well im home now glad to be away from my parents
Teufel attacked me when i came in.... and bf said that i look very different and he said that now my mouth looks so small and i have a fat face.....!!!!! but he is happy that i got them off.

He said it feels different now when he kisses me coz he doesnt go to kiss metal haha!!
ANd bf is so happy now because teufel has stopped meowing! He just came to give me a kiss but he still hasnt forgiven me for leaving this long

well i dont need to work on my pout, just on my hair... i dyed it black back in febuary and im so pale... my mum said i should go for a lighter colour so ive seen a style called Mocha! im going to ask the hairdressers how much it costs
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Congratulations on getting the braces off. Does your boyfriend miss "the pout" or is it jsut you that misses it? Now you can smile like this: ... instead of this
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Yay!!! Off with the braces!!!
Congrats. Your teeth will feel wierd for a while...I remember mine felt all slimey and bare when I had my braces removed. hehe Wierd feeling!! But worth it!! Your teeth are now perfect!!
Practice that new pout!! hehe
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My teeth dont feel slimey, they actually hurt... My boyfriend i suppose misses the pout because thats the way i used to be up untill yesterday... and the fact that he said that my mouth is smaller and that i have a fat face... i think thats a hint
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Aww...that wasn't very nice of him.
Tell him that you can't help the way your face is shaped and it's the way you are and if he doesn't like it he can kiss your behind!
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Originally Posted by Hydroaxe
Now you can smile like this: ... instead of this
It's a good job us birds here have a sense of humour!!

Fran i've never had braces but i can imagine it must feel great to get them removed

So!, do we see a before and after pic?!.
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i will get my bf to take a pic of me later when he gets home
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Oh how exciting fwan!
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Herzlichen Glückwunsch!
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Originally Posted by jcat
Herzlichen Glückwunsch!
Danke meine schatz!
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