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raw food?

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is this food http://www.omaspride.com good for kitten, and if it is, how often should it be fed along with dry food?
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I personally only feed raw meat rarely and only organic / or free range with out preseratives .. I wouldnt give them bones ... I am a cooked food kinda girl ... some on here will have a better idea since they feed raw ....My opinion feed mainly canned and some dry avail at all times or at set meal times..
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Hi Hunter,
I do not feed raw so hope that some of the TCS members who do, will also comment.
I took a look at the site, my only comment would be 1) unless you are comfortable with feeding garlic (which I do not), you'd want to avoid one of the veggie add-on's that you can purchase seperately (it lists garlic), 2) they make it clear you need to supplement their products, which means you really need to know what is needed.

Here are some good sites that discuss feeding raw:
Little Big Cat and
Cat Nutrition
and Feline Future
and last but not least, Blak Katz

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thanks, i will do more research if it's really worth it.
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