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I didn't see this thread until just now. I am so happy for you, and I will be sending out vibes for you every three months.
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Beth thats brilliant!!!!. I'm so pleased for you. To hear those words "All clear" must be like a weight has been lifted from your shoulders!
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Yay..that is wonderful news! I am so pleased for you.
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Oh, excellent, Beth!!
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Chris, Sandy, Goosehazel, Hope, Susan, Stephanie, Pat and Fran - yes, tonight is a good night

And yes, Susan - it does feel like a great weight has been lifted. Still one more consultation to go, but I'm not as worried about that one now. I think, from his tone this Consultant had my histology results there and I was so freaked out about having my lymph nodes and vital organs checked I forgot to ask. But it doesn't matter, I will be told on Friday. But as he was saying now that it's just ongoing checks he seemed pretty final about what we would be doing from hereon in, so I'm not as worried about Friday now.

Thanks everyone
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Well, I'm certainly asking for a lot of board magic this week.

Today is the second of my drs appointments when I have to see the Plastic Surgeon to get the results of the bits they took away when I had my last surgery. But reading between the lines from Tuesday's appointment I really think there is nothing to worry about.

Instead - if you have any magic left, I would ask you to send it to my MIL. A wonderful lady who is elderly (84) and frail. She has a heart condition which means she is not strong enough for surgery. But last night she fell outside her house and hit her head. She is in hospital now and being assessed; the drs feel she may need to have a pacemaker fitted as her heart may have caused her to collapse. Please send any magic you have spare to this lovely lady.
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Best wishes for your MIL Beth and I am so pleased to hear that you have been cleared of further bad health problems. I have only just read this thread so didn't get to wish you all the best before so now I'm wishing you well for the future. Debbie
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Hi Beth,

Good to hear that the first appointment went well - lots of vibes going your way for tomorrow!

Also heaps of vibes going your MIL's way!
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Good vibes coming from me for both of you I'm praying everything goes really well
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Beth you both have(((((mega vibes)))))) coming over again!

Theres a guy at our place who came back out from retirement who's 77!! and he has a pacemaker and he's fine with it!

Don't forget to come straight back to tell us how it went!
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aww mum!
Send hugs to grandma!!
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You and Minnie are both certainly in my prayers, Beth. Thank you for keeping us updated.
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Thanks guys - you all mean so much to me - you're wonderful.

Well, I've just got back from my appointment and everything is fine. No cancer anywhere else and just ongoing checks for the next 5 years - but that's all routine .

My SIL has phoned and said MIL is in good spirits. But she'll be in hospital for another night at least because of the bang to her head. The Consultant is seeing her this afternoon - but it's likely she'll be referred to her cardiologist for any further treatment because of her history. So SIL (a nurse) will see her this pm when the consultant is there and we'll visit tonight. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers - it means so much.
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Beth thats great!!! Again i'm so pleased for you

And it's lovely to hear you MIL is chirpy

I'll have a drink tonight when i'm out to celebrate for you!!
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