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Could use some vibes this week

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If anyone has any spare I could really use some good vibes this week.

Tomorrow I have to see the Consultant Dermatologist - I'll be having my first lymph node inspection to make sure there's no cancer anywhere else *gulp* guys I really really hope there isn't. I know it should be good news, based on the prognosis I was given, but that's what I thought last time!

Friday I have to see the Consultant Plastic Surgeon - he'll tell me the verdict on what they removed last time. Again, they're not expecting there to be any more cancer cells - but then they didn't think the thing was nasty in the first place.

So I'm feeling a bit nervous this week and could use any good vibes that are wandering around looking for something to work on
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Lots of vibes and {{{{{HUGS}}}} coming from here!
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Mega good health and good luck vibes going your way.
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awwww... i have lots of vibes to spare!! take them all!!!!!!!
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Good vibes are coming your way from me and Angel.
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Beth theres (((((Ultra mega good health vibes))))) heading your way!!

What time is your appointment?
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Aww thanks everyone - I'll gather all these good vibes up and take them with me. I'll be surrounded by such an aura of good vibes I'll be positively buzzing .

Susan - my appointment tomorrow is at 4.30 - just before that I've got the Dentist too eeek! what a day! Friday's appointment is at lunchtime - because they were urgent appointments, the Plastic Surgeon has seen me during his lunchtime on both occasions - what a star, I've had fantastic treatment - they're wonderful.
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Pfffttt the dentist as well?!, your keen Beth!

My mum and brother both had mouth cancer and the plastic surgeons they had were also brilliant! Where would we be without these people
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mega good vibes coming your way Beth. I hope all your news is nothing but good.
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Dear Beth, hoping all the news you get is good news. I will pray that you are completely healed now with no more troubles. Hugs.
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You´re on my thoughts Beth, please don´t feel afraid everithing is gonna be all right!
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Beth im sending extra special strong vibes your way~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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Mr. Ham and his little friends are pounding out lots of vibes for you Beth.
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Oh Beth, I hate to hear you're going thru this. I will send you lots of vibes and will say a prayer for you. I'm confident everything will be fine because good people deserve good things to happen for them.
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Lots of good vibes headed your way.
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I can definitely send some vibes over for you! Good luck with everything and let us know how it goes!
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Beth - You know you don't even have to ask for my hugs and good wishes. I will try to check in later in the after noon and hopefully we will have an update.
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Ox, Grizzly, Bobber and Bakker and with me are sending postive vibes for you.......................
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Many good vibes coming your way for a good report!
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I'm sorry you're going through this, I just said a little prayer for you.
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Beryl, Carol, Rigel, Carrie, Ryan (that was funny!), Kelly, Mrs. D, Ari, Chris, Gail, Pat and Tina - Thank you all so much.

Gee - you guys are wonderful - you bring tears to my eyes
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MEGA healing and good health }}}VIBES{{{ coming your way, Beth! I'll be thinking of you at 4:30 and sending some extra }}}VIBES{{{ and
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Beth, my friend, I am praying for you now, and my heart is with you today.Sierra sends lots of sweet love and snuggles. Tippy, Felicity, Adelaide and Lily will be home just waiting for their Mommy to cuddle up with them! I'm expecting an excellent report and look forward to hearing all about your appt!
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You'll be back before you know it, but come straight back to tell us asap!
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Beth, you have each and every good health and good news vibe that is in me coming your way right now- times a thousand! I know how scary it can be waiting for a prognosis that may say cancer and we'll be here to help you through no matter WHAT it is (but of course, it will all be benign!). Oh what they hey- I'm also sending you good vibes {{{{{{}}}} on behalf of anyone else who maybe has not seen this thread yet (sure they won't mind).
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good luck, i hope it all goes ok
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Thanks for all your good vibes guys - you're fantastic. The news is good. I was prodded and stared at (the Consultant's words not mine! ) and so far it all looks good - no cancer anywhere else.

They will see me every three months to make sure nothing crops up in the future - but it was this first one after the diagnosis that was really scary.

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Great news, Beth!!!!
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Great news. I got in here just a little too late to send some positive vibes, but obviously board magic strikes again!
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lots of prayers and vibes coming your way from me and the girls!
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