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Hey Debby, have a question

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Sorry to start a thread about a subject we have already talked about but I was looking for you in the Harry Potter thread but never saw you

In this whole Harry Potter craze I was wondering what the 'teens' thought of Harry. I know he's a big hit with the younger crowd, and adults as well, but I haven't heard any opinions on him from the 13-18 crowd. I don't know anyone who has teenagers, (all my friends kids are under 5) but if I remember right, your 2 step kids are in that range?

I've been wondering if kids that old get into Harry. I personally love them, but I'm not sure if highschoolers feel the same way! Have either one of your step kids read Harry? And did they like the books if they did? And if they did do they want to see the movie?

At work this week I was talking to someone about all of the hoopla (a lot of my radio station friends did premieres this week, that were pure bedlam, so this was a hot topic) and what ages really get into this. Some of my radio people didn't realize how many adults without childern really get into Harry (raises hand) and he was surprised about that. Of course the grade schoolers love him, but we couldn't figure out what the highschoolers thought. That demo has a lot of muscle in the entertainment industry, and whether or not they get into Harry will be the difference between Harry being big or being a phenomenon.

Don't want to forget you! :laughing: Have you read them? Do you have any friends who enjoy them? I have a lot of friends (without childern )who own all 4 books!
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I forgot to add, if anyone else has kids/grandkids/nieces, nephews, whatever in this age group I would love to hear your feedback as well.

I just couldn't think of anyone else off the top of my head who had kids this age.

Cleo, I know your son is like 22 so I doubt he likes HP!
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i have a 17 year old son who is just not interested in harry potter and will not be going to see the film,it seems harry,s not cool enough for him!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I wonder if girls of that age would be more likely to get into it?
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Don't have kids that age, BUT my youngest brother and youngest sister are 17 and 18 respectively. Don't think they are going to see it either. I really think its a younger crowd from what I've heard.
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My daughter is 13, and her dad's girlfriend took her to see HP last night. ( Like HE couldn't take her! But that's another story...) She said it was "Okay". I don't think she was all that thrilled with it. But, then again, she's not all that thrilled with ANYTHING right now.
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did she like the books?
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She hasn't read them. She DOES have them, though. They just sit there waiting to be read... I don't think she's really all that interested in them.

Believe it or not, she's more interested in politics than HP. That's my girl!
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good for her! Maybe at some point she'll feel like picking them up.
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Colby, My step-son who is 11 has read many Harry Potter books and really can't wait to see the movie! But Brooke, who is almost 17, couldn't care less about it. I myself, think it would be interesting to see, and I plan on going when it comes to town!
Maybe it is just the 'teenage" group who aren't really into it. ?
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it sure seems that way! I don't think I've heard about a teenager yet who likes Harry
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Well, my son is 13, so I think that qualifies as a teenager. He is really into Harry, but both of my kids were as disappointed with the movie as I was. Gotta love that DNA!
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