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I posted this in a different forum, but maybe it would be better here. I went out and bought the Feline Pine litter today due to the fact that I can never find the scoopable litter that I like. The problem I have with the other scoopable litters I've gotten is that they don't tend to clump into solid enough pieces and when I go to scoop them out they tend to break and then there are little wet pieces of litter in the box, which defeats the purpose of scooping it in the first place.
Does anyone have any opinions on the Feline Pine? Also, is it difficult to switch them over to a different type of litter? We switch brands without a problem, but I know this stuff is supposed to be very different. Will they track it as much as the scoopable? I'd like to be able to put the box back in the bathroom, but I need to know if this litter is as kickable, lol, as the clumping stuff. THANKS!!!!!