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Hey guys,

just wanted to share that gracie had her kittens yesterday really early in the morning. didnt even see it coming. she had barely nested, just gone in and out of her nesting box maybe 3 times in the last 2 weeks. but she still had them there which made for really easy clean-up. didnt notice a discharge of any sort. it went very smoothly. shes the new first-time mother to 5 little kittens. no names for all of them yet. we're calling one "gracie version 2.0" because he/she looks just like her. i'll post pictures in a reply to this sometime tonite or tomorrow.

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Seems like this board is having alot of births lately. My foster mommy had four yesterday!!!

Congrats to GRACIE and AMANDA!!!

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Congratulations on the new little ones!
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congratulations, its lovely having the little furry squealers around. my baby girl scoobie had a boy and a girl on the 2nd/3rd of april, cassius and chickory,
all the best with them
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wow.. 5 in all! that's great you can definitely tell it's the 'kittens' season, a TON of threads on new babies being born
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woo hoo! woo hoo! woo hoo! I'm hoping to get some good kitty vibes sent my way pretty soon too! Been checking on Willow night and day I dont know who's more anxious me or her

She is exceptionally cuddly tonight, sat on my lap for nearly an hour and let me pet her which is SO unlike her. Although, remember, we just adopted her 3 weeks ago, so who knows how her personality really is, and maybe she's just finaly warming up to me

At any rate -- congrats to all the new mommy's!!!!!!

Marian ~ momma to 4-year old Newf baby, Chewbacca, preggo-cat Willow, and a litter of 5 non-fur kids!
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Congrats...I too had 5 babies just 19 days ago...the time goes by sooo fast!
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Congrats! Can't wait to see pics!!!
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Congratulations! Still waiting for mine.
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Congrats on the new additions!
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Awwwww! Babies! I know you are going to have fun watching them grow and mature! They bring so much life to a home! Enjoy them!

Now, if you haven't already, remember to start Gracie on a good, high-quality kitten food, both canned and dry and let her have as much as she wants. Nursing babies takes a lot out of a girl! *grin*

Best of luck,

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shes been on iams dry food for a while but just recently i started giving her the wet too in hopes to fatten her up a bit. shes sooo skinny and all her weight was the kittens. so now shes really tiny again. so far shes been holding up ok with nursing these 5. and eats ALLL the time. are there any signs i should watch for to make sure she can handle all of them?

also-- posting pics as soon as my boyfriend will host them on his site..
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the proud mom:

one of these are the dad:

and the kittensssssss!
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aww they are sooooo cute! i'mm dying for mine to have her kittens
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I trust you will also be having little Gracie spayed once it is time?
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Congratulations on the newborns!

My Sophie had kittens on Thursday morning. They are four days old today!
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