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Dutchy Needs Board Magic!

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My Calico is having her kittens...The first one sadly was a still born. Didnt come out looking quite right either. We are hopeing its because she is having a slightly large litter. I am keeping my eye on her, and will probably end up staying home from work.

Keep her and the rest of her kittens in your thoughts please. It was a lovely little Calico...
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Holding you and your little Calico close to my heart and in my thoughts ... I am working out of town this afternoon, so may not be back until later on tonight, but will check in as soon as I get home. If you have any problems whatsoever, don't hesitate to contact Hissy or one of the other Mods ... KittenKrazy is a good person as is Sandie or Imagyne - Pat and Alix comes to mind too ... I am sure there are others but at the moment, I can't think of names.
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Yip, I'll be here until 5, then back on around 6ish, so just give me a buzz.
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Thank you. She ignored the stillborn, and I removed it. Kitten number two is here, and looks MUCH better. The first one was a bit. deformed sadly. But kitten number two, is moving a bit, and i heard a noise! Moms cleaning it up real nice. and I am letting her while keeping a good eye on her. Oh this is so nerve racking, and I want to cry for the first little one,

She was like her mom with less white, but not a tortie base. I know I told Dutchy I want one like her but right now I want all healthy babies.
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thanks I am supposed to work today but I dont know if I am gonna make it in..with her giving birth..
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I'll probably be pacing the floor waiting for you to check in!
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Yeah, stay home. LOL I would if I could, but I didn't work the entire month of March (my industry gets slow at times) so I have no choice but to go this afternoon - I gotta keep my cats in the style to which they have grown accustomed (more accurately, I have to continue to spoil my cats smelly rotten at each and every opportunity!!!)

Best of luck and I'll check in as soon as I get home! Good news about Kitten #2!

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Kitten number three JUST came out..moms cleaning it up. and it looks to be normal looking as well. moving a little bit as moms cleaning. So thats good news to me! They are all coming out looking like little tuxedos..I better find some orange on one of em. Ok no no really I want healthy kittens. But i am gonna try to fiqure out how they all look like my one cat Jellie Bellie is her sister so that I get.

Moms cleaning number three really well.

Yeah I dont think I am going into work today..if they dont get mad at me which they better not. these babies are my babies!
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Tickled pink to hear that it's going better there!
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Yay, kittens!!!
Glad to hear they other ones are doing well....
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Me too. I was SO WORRIED when the first one came out stillborn, and deformed. I was like oh no POOR DUTCHY. I know she would be crushed if something happened to the litter. she is gonna be such a good momma.

So far..Two and Three are moving good, and Two is feeding, while mom cleans three. May be another one in there..will keep everyone posted
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welcome to the little kitties, such a shame you lost one though its horrid when that happens. my mollies first litter was a single bubbie that was unfortunatly stillborn, it was huge. she went on to have five gorgeous girls and is now a granny!!!!
all the best with them. keep us informed!
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Dutchy had four lovely babies that are nurseing and doing very well! I am SO proud of her! We have a Black and White Tuxedo, Two Grey and Whites, and....just for me thrown in at the very last...A little Calico......
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Congratulations !!

I am glad that the rest are healthy and doing well. I am sorry about the still born.

Maybe she knew you wanted a calico and made that one extra special for you * winks*
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Glad to hear she had 4 perfect babies and is doing fine. Sorry about the first one. Now you can relax and enjoy your new family!

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I think she did throw that one in extra just for me thanks guys!

I posted pics on the fur boards babies board.

I couldnt get seperates cause mama is very protective
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