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Picture taking fool

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I just joined the forum last month and haven't posted much yet. The last two weeks I took tons of pictures of the cats, so I put them up in a web photogallery. Hope you enjoy them.

Cat pics 1

Capt pics 2

Splash, Domino, and Blaze got a separate page as they are sort of a little family within the larger group. When the kittens were found on our driveway this December and taken in, Splash immediately adopted them and has acted like their mother all this time even though he is a neutered tom.
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hey I remember your website, love th new pics!

Did you make the cat tree? Is that PVC covered in carpet??
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Those pictures are great!! Thanks for sharing! I love you kitties' names. I wish I could keep that many cats!
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No, I bought the cat tree. It is actually thick cardboard roles coverd in carpet.
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Love the pics and I soooo need a cat tree like that.

Where'd you buy it from?
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what great kittys! belly rubs to all from my 3!
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I love the pictures! The cats are gorgeous too!!!

I really like the cat tree--and the cats seem to enjoy it even more!!! Juicy would love that!!!
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I got it at Feline Furniture
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You have beautiful kitties. Love their cat tree too. They must love to play on it. Lucky Kitties
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Wonderful pictures! Thank you for sharing.
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Those are great pictures of you cute furbabies!!
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You have a beautiful family, all of your babies are adorable.
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What beautiful cats! Patch is quite the model!
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What cuties! I bet there is never a dull moment with so many kitties about! I love Blaze's nose- too cute!
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Patch and Fluffy love to pose. That is why they have most pictures. You can tell from the number of pictures which ones like a camera and which ones hate it.
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