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Naomi Adoption

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Pardon my memory (or lack thereof), but has anyone heard from the couple that were looking to help the young lady that was a heroin addict and adopt her? I know they were having a bit of a bad time, but I can't find the thread anymore and just wondered how they were doing.
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Hi Linda, Sorry, I didn´t hear about it , But I want to know, about it...
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Hi Linda (I didn't know your name before!)

Here is the link to the thread http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...0&page=1&pp=12

You're right - we haven't heard anything for a while - I hope everything is going well for them.
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I've been thinking of them too.
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Unfortunately, I haven't heard from Laurie in quite a while either. (If you don't know, we, along with Christy, are the people behind Save Samoa and Stray Pet Advocacy )

I'll try emailing her again and let her know that people are keeping them all in their thoughts, and are concerned for them.
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i remember spending a good hour reading their thread (i found it late)... i too wonder what happened to them.
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me too
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Yes, I've been wondering about them, too. Thanks for articulating the wondering for all of us, Linda.

Laurie Gary Naomi
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I've been wondering the same.
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I did hear from Laurie a wee while ago thru email, but unfortunately I accidently deleted it and so I couldn't repeat what she said.
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I just hope they are all managing OK. I don't imagine any of them are doing really, really fine since what they all have to go through will be as difficult as it gets. Hope they know we are all praying for them to beat this and become a happy family.
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is it possible that they've gone on the rehab in the mountains trip already?
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Ive been wondering about them too.. I hope she comes to update us soon!!
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