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Our Daily Thread for Saturday

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Oh man do I the weekend!!! Saturdays are the best. Although I'm sad friday is already over.

I had a really great evening last night. I don't know if any of you has heard of Shelby Lynne, but she was playing at a club in D.C. It's about 45 minutes away so the label sent a limo to pick us up. One of the big wigs was in town, so we all went to dinner first at this cool place, and we had a private room so we could be as loud as we wanted, and couldn't hear any of the noise from the other diners. Some of my close friends who are also in the business that I don't get to see a lot (everyone is so busy, it's hard to all get together) were there and we had so much fun.

After dinner we went to the show and the label had sectioned off a VIP area, so we got to see the show from the best place in the club, and even had seats (it's a standing room only kind of place). Shelby was pretty good. I'm not a fan, and normally wouldn't have gone but I had to go for work because of our clients who were in town. We had to stay afterwards because they wanted to take us all back to say hi to Shelby and she was really nice. It made me wish I liked the music more.

It was one of the most fun nights I've had in a long time. I'm really a homebody so if it's up to me I don't go out, but I'm really glad I did. it was the perfect evening. I think I'm getting spoiled

Now if I can just get tickets to see Harry Potter this weekend will be perfect!

although I do have a lot of laundry to do and I mean a lot! Probably 3 loads.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend as well!
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What a fantastic job you have, and I know you have worked hard to get there, so you might as well enjoy it all you can!

Today it is supposed to stop raining, so that means I get to chop firewood, care to help? Then I get to stack it, clean stalls and clean cages, and pick up storm litter that is all over our land.

I am worried about Mike, since he got fired, he is hardly eating, and for him that is worrisome, he is a man that loves his food. He even went to the doctors yesterday on my insistance, but they found nothing physically wrong with him. Offered him anti-depressants but he turned them down. I am hoping sometime today, we can just go for a drive somewhere, maybe to the coast to see the pod of killer whales that are there right now on their way to Alaska.

Everyone have a good day- Hope you get tickets to HP AP!
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AP you cracked me up when you said you had a lot of laundry " 3 loads"............he he he. When you have kids then you'll say you only have a bit if its 3 loads!!!!!!!!!!!:laughing: The more kids the more loads if you know what I mean.

Just went grocery shopping. BIG FUN!!! Boy the life of a stay at home mom really pales in comparison to AP's night out on the town. Can't remember the last time I went to a club or rode in a limo!
I'm jealous. Nope, take that back . I wouldn't change my life for all the money in the world.
Hope everyone has a great weekend.
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3 loads is a lot!
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ha ha ha............I just did 7 in the past 24 hours, so what do you call that????
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pure madness!
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I call that 'life as usual' I have two kids...the laundry is never really done its a continuos process.
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Well said Melissa!! Its a continuous process that never ends, and if you are really lucky you can skip a day and not have an overflowing hamper!!
My advice is if you don't like laundry, don't get married and have kids!
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Yeah, I was kind of thinking that the other day. If the laundry never really stops, can you put a # of loads on it? Between hubby, daughter and the cats, if the washer is not running, it is WAY to quiet here!! I think I should own part of the laundry soap industry by now.
I really don't know how it happens, but I end up working my butt off on the weekends. I guess because by the time you get home from work, get the family and animals fed, there's not enough time to do anything time consuming.
Today I managed to paint the daughter dresser (you know, to cover the red nail polish and pen marks on there), clean all the silk plants, wash down the baseboard heaters, dust nooks and crannies(you know all the stuff you pretend not to see), clean the fridge including the coils in the back, wipe out the stove, wash the walls and then I gave 5 of the cats a bath. By 5 I was so tired I decided to call it quits. All in all, it ended up being a good day because now I dont have to worry about these things. Maybe tomorrow I can relax and maybe do some x mas shopping
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Wow Sandie!!!!!!!!!! I wish I could say I was as productive as you! If I accomplish one of those tasks in one day I am so proud of myself......you have put me to shame.:tounge2:
Christmas shopping. UGH. My biggest pet peave in the whole wide world. I have a hundred people to buy for, no idea what to buy, and no time to get out alone with no kids!!! Bah Humbug.
Actually I love Christmas, but not the stress of gifts and shopping. I just love to look at the lights and the decorations. I could easily skip all the gift giving.
Oh well, now I am depressed that I didn't do more around the house today. Thanks Sandie
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LOL....sorry, I would take it as a blessing if I could ignore the house sometimes. Hubby keeps telling me that I am obsessive compulsive about the house. I actually wear myself out because of it.
I too hate the gift shopping part. I walk around for hours pulling my hairs out wondering what to get for this person and that. My daughter is hard because she plays with everything for 2 days and then forgets about it!! Not to mention all the creeps that come out this time of year. People are so rude I just can't stand to be around them. We have a hard time getting out together to shop for our daughter. Hubby went and did the last little trip and my turn is next. I would LOVE to go out with him and shop together. I just keep telling myself, the sooner it is done, the more I can relax!!!!
Here is a picture of my Bridgette right after her bath..LOL
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I slept in a bit today, and when I woke up, hubby was just coming back to bed. It's that insomnia thing. I go to bed about 3 or 4 a.m. and it wakes him. So he gets up and watches tv and about the time he's tired enough to go back to sleep, I'm waking up.

So I took our daughter out. She had a pretty good day. We went to two yard sales, she got some fabric she can cut and sew and 3 puzzles. I bought a cigar box. Can you believe it? It was $2 because it's an "antique" (what does that mean, over 10 years old?) but I used to have one exactly like it when I was a child. Of course, I got mine for free from the guy at the Perkins Tobacco store just for asking. How can I possibly be old enough for pieces of my childhood to be antiques? I also showed my 5 year-old- some 45's. I was like "Look, it's a record, it's what music used to come on before cd's, it was state-of-the-art when I was your age."

Then we went to a craft fair at our church. I bought her a balloon animal and she made one of those bottles with the layers of colored sand. And we went to MJDesign, a craft supply store, and she made the cutest turkey out of felt and a straw hat for a doll.

We got home about 3. Hubby was still in bed.

"Are you getting up at all today?" I asked him. "We'd like to do something WITH you."

"In a while, I want to sleep a little longer."

So I made herself a sandwich and watched tv and fell asleep myself for about 90 minutes. Hubby and I both woke up at the same time and he took a shower and has gone for a drive. He was pretty clear that he didn't want us along. I'm so tired of being left out of his life, but I can't force myself into it either. {sigh} And I don't know how much of it is his depression, and how much of it is that he'd be glad to have me along but he doesn't want to do a child-friendly kind of thing.

So she is sleeping in my bed, he is out in the car somewhere, and I'm watching "Desperately Seeking Susan" and feeling, for the first time, strong ties to what's-her-name Arquette. Even if she does look like she's only 22 and way too young to have that nice a house. Doesn't matter. Tomorrow everything will be different. Every day contains unlimited possiblities, anything could happen.
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Sunlion, that's a bummer, but like you said, everyday is brand new and holds new possiblities. I hope tomorrow is a better day.
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