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Tania(Kumbulu)is coming back!.

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Tania (Kumbulu) has asked me to post to let everyone know that she will be back on TCS in the next 7-10 days

She's been in hospital for the last 4 weeks but has said she's well on the road to recovery!!

Tania you have some catching up to do so your going to be busy!

Great hear you'll be back soon though!
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great news

We've missed you Tania
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Such very good news Susan.......oh Tania, we have missed you so!! Hurry back to us!!
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We've MISSED you Tania!!!!!!
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I've missed you Tania, and your kits! give the li'l vegemites a kiss for us on your way to the computer!
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Now THAT is the best news I've heard all day!!!!!!!
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YAY!! Tania's coming back!! We miss You and the kitties Tania... Thanks also for updating us Susan.
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Awwww Tania hope have you a soon recovery!!! you´re missed!!!
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Welcome back Tania! I'm sorry to hear that you've been ill, I hope you'll be back to health soon!
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That's most excellent!! Tania, you were missed very, very much~~~
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Good news! Lets hope for a speedy recovery so you can be back soon
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Wonderful! She's been sorely missed!
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We've missed you!
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Glad you're back and doing better Tania!
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Wonderful news!!! Hope you're back to good health real soon.
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Hey girl if you are lurking- MSN!
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What a relief to know she's ok! Tania, we've missed you soooo much!
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That's great news. Can't wait til you're back Tania. Get well soon.
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I wondered where You disappeared to! I'm glad you're on the road to recovery! You were missed 'round here!!!!!!!
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Tania I am so glad you are getting better!

Thanks Susan!
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Tania, I'm glad you're coming back!
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Welcome Back, Tania We've missed you!!!
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Originally Posted by jcat
Wonderful! She's been sorely missed!
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Welcome back Tania, we missed you so much. Get well soon.
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Oh WOW~ what great news! I've been thinking about Kumbulu last night & earlier today and been wondering why she's MIA. I'm soo glad she's coming back and help us kitten-clueless people! :P I'm sure her kitties miss her for being soo long away! Yay!
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Bout bloody time woman!
Can't wait to have you back around
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