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farmhan flea collar = ok?

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I was in a vet/pet store today to get KMR & Benebac for my 1-week old kitty when I decided to buy de-flea meds for my two cats. I saw flea collars made by Farnam Pet Products, forgot the exact name of the product, but it's something like a colored flea collar which can protect a cat for 5 months from fleas & ticks. I've read a lot of bad stuff about flea collars, especially OTC brands. So do you think this is worth a try? But for the meantime, I went ahead and bought Frontline Spot-on for Cats.

Would appreciate any info. Thanks!
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Ugh! I would never use a flea collar.. But that's my own opinon.
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No not ok :P
Fleas collars are b.a.d. - seriously, they don't work well and surrounding your kitten 24/7 with insecticide is not healthy. Spot on treatments are never recommended for kittens under 8 weeks of age.

But the big question is, does your kitten have fleas? If yes, then a bath in joy dishwashing suds (a few drops in water) and a flea comb will kill the fleas. For the head dip a flea comb in the suds and brush through the fur. If she doesn't have fleas then you dont need anything. If the kitten is going to go outdoors then you will probably need something, but you aren't going to let the kitten out until its considerably older, right?

Other options:
- Capstar, a pill. 1/2 pill is safe for kittens 4 weeks and older, mix it with food and it will kill the fleas in a few hours. No prescription.
- Program, a once/month pill, very safe and works by interrupting the life cycle of fleas.
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Yep nix the flea collar- not a good idea, to much concentrated insecticide in one place can cause all sorts of harm to kitties and cats. Dogs are a bit more sturdier about it- but cats are not.
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~~~~ waves to Hissy!
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Yikes, I'm glad that I read this post! I had no idea flea collars were bad! I bought some flea meds (the kind you put on the back of the neck) for my cat from 1800petmeds but I was thinking of getting a flea collar too. I'm glad I didn't.
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Thanks Hissy, StephenQ, MyFirstRagdoll = will never buy products like that again!

StephenQ, need to put two of my cats on flea control. They have a big problem as one is an indoor/outdoor cat (doesn't live with me) so I guess I have to rely on spot-ons more. I hate the idea of putting them on pesticides too, but I have no choice. The cat likes to mingle with ferals/strays and brings about loads of fleas. And I haven't had him vaccinated yet! Geez. Will work on that this week or next. -_-"
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Hmmm...well if he hasn't been vaccinated he shouldn't be going outside - not at all. Nor should he be exposed to cats that are going outside because the outdoor cats can still transmit distemper among other things even if vaccinated for them.

Fleas are the least of your worries if he hasn't been vaccinated.
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