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kitty diarrhea :(

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Hi all, need help ASAP!

Last week, my mom found a one-week old kitty. And for the last few days since Saturday, I think, I have been feeding it with a milk replacer (not KMR, brand: Lactol) but made the formula too thick. Since this morning, the kitty has been diarrheic (loose, yellow stools). What my mom did was to feed it with rice water to harden up the stool, and this afternoon, was able to buy a can of KMR for him. Mom made the KMR formula, replacing water with rice water.

So after 4 hours, I'm supposed to feed him again. I'm really scared for his health, I mean, I don't to lose him like that! It's going to be my fault for making the formula too thick for him! What do I do? Should I make the KMR based on the label or should I dilute it more? Is it okay to lay off with rice water? I think I maybe overfeeding him since he'd cry a lot, and really loud. But when I offer him my finger, he suckles on it and stays silent, but he'd spit it out and cry again.

He doesn't seem to know how to latch on the nipple. Any tips?

Why is he crying so loud? I don't know what to do! Help!
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Patience ... baby is small, missing his mom and doesn't know what you expect of him.

The baby is OK with KMR alone, baby poop is loose and oftentimes a yellowish color. Rice water can help bind him up some, but it really isn't necessary as long as you are giving the KMR.

Babies need feeding (until they drop off the nipple or fall asleep) about every 3 to 4 hours. Make certain the nipple on the bottle has been pierced adequately - nothing should drip out if turned upside down, but if you squeeze the bottle slightly, it should drip slowly.

Make the KMR based on the instructions on the label and warm it - I usually get a coffee mug of hot water and place the kitten bottle in it to gently warm - if it is too hot to YOUR touch, it is way too hot for baby.

Above all else, you cannot blame yourself for something over which you had no knowledge or control. This kitten may not make it - be prepared for that - but don't blame yourself if he doesn't when it sounds like you are doing everything you can for him.
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Thanks Gayef. I hope he'd make it.

Okay, I have a problem with the teat. We gave milk with a pretty tight hole in it and he wasn't able to drink any milk. So we made the hole a bit larger, with water, it drips really fast. But with milk, not really.

Earlier, I fed him with milk, and he finished about 5-6mL of milk. I had to stop giving him KMR for a while so his digestion system wouldn't go into overload. So far, so good. He's about 2 weeks now. He was fed but he still cries. When I offer him my finger, he'd suckle on it and stay quiet. Poor baby.
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Need help! The kitty is still diarrheic, though on & off. He's a bit dehydrated. Sometimes he has trouble sucking from the nipple. What should I do??
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Again, patience is the key ... if you think he is at all dehydrated, then take him to the vet for subq fluids and an assessment.
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Hi Gayef, wanted to update you. Little kitty is doing pretty well. No more diarrhea ! She's downing 10mL of KMR per feed! She's also slowly gaining weight - YAY! Thanks for the advice. I am impatient, I know. But knowing she's getting better by the moment releases a lot of stress! Thanks again!
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