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Spay resulted in Hernia

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My 7 month old kitten Munchie went in for her spay last week. They did it on her tummy (underneath her) as opposed to on her side as we had a French vet and I think thats how they do it - dont know about USA.

She pulled her stitches out in about 2 hours so we had to take her back and they put a couple of staples in. Before I took her for that though, I noticed there was a lump under the stitches that only appeared when i lifted her 2 front legs up. When she was lying down or standing, it wasnt there. I wasnt too worried though as she had only just come home from the vets so presumed it was normal. Also, when I took her for the staples, the vet asked me to hold her 2 front feet up - so the lump popped out - and the vet (a different one) didnt say anything about it, so again I presumed it was normal.

Anyway, when I took her back to have the staples out 8 days later, the original vet said nothing for AGES and was feeling her tummy loads. Eventually I asked if something was wrong, and he said that the lump should not have been there.

To cut a long story short, they said it was a hernia and operated the next day. Again I took Munchie home (3 days ago now) but the lump still looks like its there - but maybe a bit smaller. I have called the vets and am waiting for them to ring me back but I really want to know if its back again.

They havent told me what could have caused this and I had to pay for both operations. I'm not sure I can afford another one!! She has been well the whole time and eating but hating her buster collar! I was really looking forward to being able to take it off her tonight but now I'm really worried they are going to have to operate again.

Why would it have come back again?!
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I don't know why it should be there, but it sounds a real case of vet incompetence, and you should not have to pay. You must ask in detail what has caused it and if you are not satisfied with the answers go to another vet. My mother lives in Cambridge and takes my cat Cinders (that now lives with her) to a good vet there and I will gladly PM you the name if you need extra help. Good luck and I hope she recovers soon.
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When my Starburst was spayed, she developed a lump under the suture line. I feared it was a hernia and took her back to the vet. My vet was pretty sure it was an imflammatory reaction to the sutures. She was watche dclosely for about two weeks and it eventually went away. It has never recurred and there is no evidence of a hernia at this time.

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what is hernia and how is it different from just a lump?

additionally, i too think that your vet was incompetent, something sure sounds wrong.
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A hernia is a weakness in the abdominal wall that lets the intestines and/or the fatty tissue surrounding them to protrude into the sac or space formed by the weakened wall. A lump is simply a focal palpable swelling or knot. A hernia can form a lump, but so can other things such as a blood clot, focal edema, enlarged lymph node, mass, etc.
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Thanks everyone!

The vet rang and said he didnt think he needed to see her before Wednesday (she was booked in for then anyway). He thinks its just a reaction to the stitches. I was relieved but then when I went home and had another look, I just can't believe that is what it could be. It looks exactly like it did when there was a hernia there. The lump is about as big as half a ping pong ball - so is spread quite a distance from the actual cut and stitches the vet made.

Rcs2 - how big was Starbursts lump?

Jennyranson, thanks for you offer of a vet in Cambridge. What a small world!! The thing is that I really like my vets as they did such a good job with my last cat who sadly died last year. I want to give them a chance but I will definitely ask them what caused the hernia. I have been too polite and didnt like to ask before!!
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Poor little Munchie.I sure hope she is all better very soon!I agree that you should definitely insist on an explanation and don't really feel it's fair you had to pay for both surgeries. If you're in any doubt at all, seek the opinion of an alternate Vet. Muchie's health is all that matters. Thank you for keeping us updated!
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Starburst's lump about the size of a quarter, maybe a bit larger. It took about a month for it to go away.
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