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Hi - I am a new member. I just lost my kitty, Link, on thursday and have appreciated the support at the Bridge, so I thought I would say hi to the rest of the members. hi! I don't have much to say about my baby right now - still hurts alot. Eventually I am sure I will find a new baby and I look forward to chatting here. This seems like a great site!
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Farnes - I am glad that you came here to find some comfort on the loss of Link. You can join right in any old time and when the time is right for you, a new fur baby will come you way full of kitty kisses and hugs!
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I am also glad you came here to find comfort after the loss of Link. There are so many wonderful people at this site that are always around to help any way they can.
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Welcome to the forums! I'm sorry about your loss and if the bridge forum was in any way helpful I'm glad you found it.
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Welcome Farnes!! Glad you came and introduced yourself!! Hopefully when the time is right you will be able to tell us about your baby, but as for now......enjoy yourself and hope to see you posting often!!
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Hello Farnes, and welcome here! I am so sorry to hear that you just recently lost your kitty, Link. My thoughts are with you. It is very hard, I know. We are here for you.
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I'm so sorry to hear about the passing of your baby. Welcome to TCS. You will know when the time is right to welcome a new furbaby into your life.
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