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Meet Ridley

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Two years old and already 6.7kg (15lb)

We're trying to work out exactly what he is.

Maine Coon?

(There's another post asking the same question but, hey,...!)


and, of course..


Little cutey.
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I'm no expert, but he could be. He has the tufty ears and it looks like the ruff around his neck. Maine Coons also have Britches, longer fur around their hindquarters. And they have tufty toe fur too.
For a good book on Maine Coons, check out 'That Yankee Cat', I think it is by Marilyn Hardridge or somesuch.
My Grissom is a Maine Coon.

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Grissom's certainly a handsome cat too. I have to say, he could be Ridley'd brother! They're very similar.
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He is gorgeous!
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Pleased to meet you Ridley!
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awww..what a handsome guy!! he sure is brave over there by that bathtub!!!I don't know much about Maine coons so I don't know..I do know he is beautiful!
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what hotties!!!
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Well, unless you bought him from a Coon breeder, then there is no way to say he is Coon, but he definitely looks like he does have Coon blood...we have 3 and love them bunches
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