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Producing milk

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Hi, I'm new to the forum and wanted to ask a question. I cant find the right place to ask it.
I have a female cat and she is producing milk. I've never put her with a boy cat, I want to get her fixed but cant afford it yet. Shes been producing milk though and I want to know what I can do for her. I dont know if shes hurting or what. I know shes really big, u know big cat boobs. LOL sorry. Is it bad for her? Do I just let it pass or will it pass? I've never had a famale cat before so this is new to me. I dont want her to get sick....can someone give me some edvice, please.

Annie Sterns
Independent Associate
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How long have you had this girl? How did you come by caring for her? It sounds like she has a litter of kittens somewhere???
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Ive had her for about 6 months. Her name is Olivia. I found her when she was a baby on the streets chasing these boys on a bike. They werent paying attention to her so I got her. She started to um I guess be in heat, but I never let her out. Dont want kittens, she'd be in heat for about a week and then stop and then again. LOL, I didnt know what was wrong with her at first, I thought she had a tummy ache. I left for a week and when I came back her underside was all bumpy and I panicked, I thought she had some sort of cancer. So, no she has no litter.
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Has she seen a vet recently and do you plan on having her spayed?
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