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My couch is a scraching post to my cat!

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I am so furios! Ever since the first day I got my cat she has been using the couch as a scraching post. I have tried every thing. Trying to scar her, scwerting her the small watergun. I just don't know what to do. My father is getting so mad I'm suprised we still have her. What should I do?
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I wish I knew!! Ours do the same thing. They have several different scratching posts, which they all use, but they still use the furniture too.
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Mine actually prefer the sofa to the scratching post!

If you have a few dollars, there is some stuff at the pet store that's supposed to deter them from scratching. I've never tried it (I don't like my sofa much and I'm looking for a way to convince hubby we need a new one) so I don't know how effective it is.

You could also try a loud noise, like a loud clap or a shout, when they look like they are starting. Sometimes if you interrupt them enough they get disgusted and go do something else. And you can probably just move the cat when you see her scratching. Mine look confused when we do that, but they don't fuss about it.

Good luck finding the right solution!
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No need to be mad at the cats and definitely never punish them. Living with cats means we have to learn about their behavior and how to make them happy in our homes without destroying it.

Please read this article for all the details about how to deal with problem scratching:

It is solvable but it takes dedication and patience.

Best of luck and let us know how it's going.

p.s. I moved the thread here to the behavior forum where it belongs.
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I have used double sided tape with lots of luck on anything I didnt want them on.
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Our cats also love to destroy our couches. We than put tin foil on the edges of the couches and they dont touch them anymore. However its only temporary since it does not look tht nice obviouly. But it does work.
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I got a really GREAT scratching post made by the Felix Company in Seattle. I put it right next to the couch and encourage them to use it instead. They like it better, so it works. I also got another corrugated cardboard scratching thing that I put in another spot. I put catnip on both of them every once in awhile to keep them interested. And when I see them scratching the couch, which they still do sometimes, I yell NO! very loudly or spray them with the water bottle. Good luck!
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We did use this product when our were kittens and it seemed to work. Never really had problems, and sprayed problem areas when they started. I don't know if it would work with all cats, but it's not that expensive so may be worth a try.
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