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Hi Sandie, just a quick question. In a post a couple of weeks ago, you gave a link to a place where you can get vouchers for spaying at a reduced price. Can you post it again??? I can't find the thread now, and I want to check into it .
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this was getting near the bottom, so I brought it up so Sandie will be sure to see it.

where are you Sandie?
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Thanks AP, I am not even sure if she comes into the lounge regularly.
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No worries... I told her about it...

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LOL, Hubby made it VERY clear that there was a message for me here. Thank you honey

dtolle...I went ahead and made a sticky thread in the health forum for low cost programs. I put the national ones first and then I will list states as they come in. Hopefully this will come in handy
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Thank you Sandie! You are so great! Have we mentioned how much we appreciate your immense expertise around here?????????????????????
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You are very welcome. I am glad you brought it up, I don't know why I didn't think to put something permanent before. Hopefully this will help to get someones cats spayed or neutered.
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