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Originally Posted by sofiecusion
All of the Harry Potter books are great!!! Especially since you want to be a teacher....there are tons of trade books that are also good for adults to read...

Very True!! I can never put down Harry Potter. Speaking of, I need to go back and re-read number 4 before the 5th book comes out in June or July (i can't remember which month it is...)
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Originally Posted by Hydroaxe
Where's my towel?... Oh yeah... here it is... *Ahhhhhh...


Mine, however, would have to be The Sun Also Rises.
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This is really hard- there are so many wonderful books out there! I think I will recommend "The Blue Castle" by Lucy Maud Montgomery - out of print now, unfortunately, and yes, that is the same author who wrote the 'Anne of Green Gables' books..

Oh, and I loved 'A Tree Grows in Brooklyn'.

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Originally Posted by Mom of Franz
But if I had to pick one book, I would pick 1943s "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn." I read it the first time when I was 11...but it really is an an adult book. I had spied it on the bookshelf at home, asked my mom about it and she said I was too young to read it. So naturally, I grabbed it off the shelf as soon as I could. My mom was right, considering it's a book about abject poverty, alcoholism and loss. But it is also a book that inspires your soul. Long live Francie Nolan.
That was exactly the first book that came to my mind too!! I loved this book and was in High School when I read it.
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I love To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee. That is definately one of my all-time favorites. But I am a huge fan of Janet Evanovich. Her books are hilarious.
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These books are all-time favorites of mine and I've been wanting to recommend them to The Cat Site folks. They are The Cat Who Went to Paris, A Cat Abroad: The Further Adventures of Norton the Cat Who Went to Paris, and The Cat Who'll Live Forever, all by Peter Gethers.

The first one is the story of a writer's first tiny kitten and the joy and adventures they share together as the author takes his little cat with him to Europe.

The second one is mainly an effort to make money from the fans of the first one.

The third is the heartbreaking story of the little cat's old age and death and how hard it hits his "owner."
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Originally Posted by berylayn
I loved the book "This much I know is true" by Wally Lamb. I read it awhile back, but I remember not being able to put it down. Its a good read.

I know you picked it up per my reccomendation Ari -- were you able to get into it?? Did you finish it?
Oh Beryl, I love Wally Lamb! Great taste in authors!!!
My choice is actually another book by him: "She's Come Undone." I read it every summer; it's great!
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:P This is tough, so bear with me because there's so many-depending on the reasoning. But I think.. since we're mostly women here, and Ryan I think everyone would get a kick out of it. However, i warn you .. the dicsworld books are addictive. -

Monstrous Regiment by Terry Pratchett

Or of course any post modern fairy tale.. :P I'm obsessed with those.
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One could try The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold. It is quite a simple and light read yet one can really read it in a deeper level. A story of love, growing up and ultimately forgiveness. Not to mention it is a real touching story that grabs you with its first two sentence, which goes:
"My name was Salmon, like the fish; first name, Susie. I was fourteen when I was murdered on December 6, 1973."
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