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Couple of pics of a lovely day

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I have indoor cats, so they always love it when the windows can come open!


Lizbeth "Middy"

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Awwwww Chris, Mama and Middy are too cute!! Such pretty kitties!! I love watching them looking outside, I had the window in my room open the other day and all three of them tried to sit in it!!
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Oh wow those are gorgeous pictures! So pretty!
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Cute picture of Pretty Mama enjoying the fresh air. I love the close up of Middy too..what a cutie!
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Awwww Chris great pictures!

Rosie and Sophie are exactly the same when i open the windows!. They stand on their back legs with their front paws on the frame of the window thats open and sniff away at the fresh air.
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Beautiful photos Chris - the kitties certainly are enjoying the lovely weather
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what sweet furrys! belly rubs from the silly trio!
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Middy and Mama say thank you!
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Cute Cats
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Mama, you're so gorgeous posed by the door!Middy, just look how pretty you are in your little patch of sunshine!You said yesterday how beautiful your babies were in the sun, and wow, you sure are right, Chris!
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What beautiful pictures of Mama and Middy!
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wow they are lovely
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Awwww, Chris, these pics are great. Furbabies always looked so relaxed in the warmth and sunshine!
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They are beautiful girls, just awesome!!!!!! (and very happy looking too!)
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Mama and Middy are beautiful cats! It's a good thing they don't try to push through the screen and get out like Angel, who is also an indoor kitty.
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They are both beautiful, Mama looks so pretty looking out the window, Princess loves the window too. I'm glad you posted pics of Middy, she's adorable. I love the close up pic, she has a sweet face.
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Thanks for sharing Chris! Adorable!
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Great pics Chris.........I can't wait till we can leave our windows open. I'll bet Middy and Mama can't wait either!
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