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Chasing his tail=neurological?

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This morning my 5-year old, neutered boy, Hardy, started spinning around, chasing his tail for about 3 or 4 minutes, before flopping down and just looking back at his tail. I tried to distract him with treats, affection, toys, and he just kept doing this routine for a good 1-2 hours.

He's calmed down now, but I'm still a bit worried. He underwent an endoscopy about 4 months ago after we believe he swallowed an ibuprofen. He spent a week at the vet hospital recovering. The vet cautioned that he may have some lingering neurological problems. Could this be the cause now, 4 months later after he seemed to be pretty much back to his normal self?

Obviously if he continues I'll take him in for an exam, but just thought I'd ask here first. Thanks for any insight anyone can offer!!
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Limerick does that too. I wouldn't worry about it.
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Lion does this too - all of mine have at one time or another - but Lion is the most consistent. He will get on the top perch of the cat tree and see his tail hanging over the edge and then spent several minutes running around in circles trying to catch his tail. It is hilarious to watch. I think it is more a 'built in toy' thing than a neurological problem. I suspect it means he is playing and it is not something to cause concern.

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Sophie does it too, but more so when she was younger. She'd jump about a foot in the air when she spun round after her tail which always had me creased
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Tango chases her tail at least 15 times a day. Especially on the bed when someone is sleeping in it
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Simon thinks his tail is a God given toy...he will run away from it, leap into the bathtub, and try to catch it. When he does catch it, he bites it, and then cries because it hurts. Then he's up and bouncing off the sides of the tub, attacking that good-for-nothing tail, and playing as hard as he can.

And then he tires out, lays down, and stares at it, daring it to do something....

I think your guy's normal...Simon's not, though. He's bonkers.

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Yeah tail chasing is pretty normal.

My eldest cat, Ashley does pretty much the same thing as your Simon noni. When she eventually gives up on her tail, she sits there and growls at it till she falls asleep
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Zoey also thinks her tail is a God given toy
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Ghibli went through (check that... IS going through) a particularly odd.. pubescent time- Where his tail is as long, if not longer than .. the rest of him.. He sleeps holding his tail.
Paige.. who has a particularly short and thick tail, chases hers daily.. whenever Ghibli's tail and/or bottom is not available to play with... (she likes his parts, for whatever reason.. even though they're just fluff, they fascinate her) on a cat tower platform..

Almost constantly..


Molly exhibits no interest in her tail. other than goosing you with it.
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Hrm. I wouldn't say it's a neurological problem and I wouldn't worry, if that is the least he's doing.

Snickers gets these weird things where he runs really fast through the house & runs into things (he has a vision problem). He looks like he's having the time of his 9 lives! He reaches up and attacks corners of walls. Then, just like that, he will flop down belly-up and snooooooze.

When people are there and they witness his wild bouts of fun... they ask if he ate something wrong or something!!!
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Peter does it regularly and seems to be having a great time. I've just been attributing to his crazy kitten phase.
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I'd say that if this was new behavior, you might want to call your vet and ask. I know Willow loves to chase her tail, catch, and then clean it. Sometimes, though, she actually chasing the shadow of her tail. But she's done this since I first got her years ago, so it's normal for her. I'd say phone your vet to ask about any behavior that isn't normal for your cat.

I just thought of another possibility. Could there be a bug bite or slight injury on your kitty's tail causing it to itch?
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Well, he's stopped doing it, so I guess it was no big deal. Thanks for all the feedback!
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