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Our Maternity Ward

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Well, we just got in two new rescues. Both are pregnant females. One is a very loving and sweet dilute calico, and the other is a very shy solid black shorthair.
How can you tell how far along they are? The black kitty is much further along, she is very visibly pregnant, her abdomen is big and sways when she walks/runs. She is not eating yet, but they've only been here a few hours. The Cali has somewhat of a belly, but not very big. Her nipples are pink and elongated, and the hair has retracted from around them. I can post pics of both girls for those in the know to see if they can give a rough guess as to where in their pregnancies they are.
They are both going to the vet on Tuesday morning. No fleas, thank goodness, and will watch the litterbox for signs of worms. The Cali is eating like a champ. I went out and got Eukanuaba kitten kibble and canned and she devoured it. The other girl is too scared to eat, she is hanging out in the corner under the printer table, next to the heat vent (nice and warm!)
Some history on these two: they were rescued from a crack house by a concerned neighbor, who found my website and emailed me. We are trying to see if one of the other local rescuers can take one of them, but I suspect we'll end up with them both for the duration.
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It would be hard for me to tell based on pictures, Sue - without being able to put my hands on these girls it is next to impossible ... but let me ask you some questions to see if we can narrow it down a bit.

The black kitty - you think she is further along, so let's start with her:

Do you observe the kittens moving around? Does Momma seem sluggish at all? Is she looking around for a delivery nest? I realize they just got there, so it may be hard to tell yet just what she is doing, but it might help to know.

The Cali - well, that's just anyone's guess at the moment since I can't feel her belly through my computer. *grin*

Sorry not to be of more help to you.
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The black kitty is terrified and won't let us near her. Will let you know when she's calmer. She is hiding under the printer table right now. I was able to pet her; she hissed and then growled a little, but no swatting and no lunging at me. I backed off so as not to stress her further.
The Calico has been on our laps, in our faces, LOL, she is a sweetheart who was obviously starved for attention. She seems a little bigger on her left side than right (abdomen), maybe the kittens are on the left?
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Lexus carried the majority of her kittens on the left horn too! She was all funny and lopsided - even the vet who saw her when I was alarmed by it said it was unusual, but not unheard of ... so it can happen.
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Pixie had her babies on Friday night! Four kittens, three girls and a boy, all solid black. I saw them on Saturday, they are just adorable! She is a great mom.

As I've mentioned in another thread, Trinity is not pregnant, what we thought was pregnancy is in reality several huge mammary tumors. She was xrayed last week, and her lungs are clear. She had her biopsy on Saturday, will have the results sometime next week. Keeping my fingers crossed!!!!
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Which one is which? (Sorry didn't see the other thread identifying the names!)
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Trinity is a dilute calico, Pixie is solid black.
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I love black kitties! Is there thread that you've poted pictures yet? - If I had my way, I'd have a few more black cats. Hmmm... maybe I shoul have as many cat as he does birds??
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No, will be posting pics soon.
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