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I'm glad you found her - Evie sounds like a very sensible little girl, picking a carrier to hide in.
It's extremely rare for a cat to be too scared to eat. We occasionally have used our spare bedroom as a "quarantine room" when the shelter has been too full. About three years ago we had one cat in there who "disappeared", but her food and water bowls were being used, as was the litter box. We finally figured out that she was on top of a seven-foot wardrobe in the room. I would go in there and sit on the bed and talk to her softly or read aloud, and my husband would go in and play piano. The third week she was in there, she jumped down and went over and sat beside him on the piano bench. He just about fell over in shock. When she found a "forever home", she repeated the process - hid out for a few weeks, ate when nobody was looking, and picked her own point to emerge from seclusion.
I think Evie will be fine.
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Friday update:

Well today Evie is doing much much better than I thought she'd be doing. I had to pack up all of my cats and remove them from my apartment for 4 hours, because it was Pest Control. I thought for sure it was going to re-traumatize her, but to my surprise she took it like a trouper. When I got the cats back into the apartment she was meowing in that cute little unique meow she has, and letting me know that she wanted out of that carrier. She wasn't shying away or cowering from me at all. I am beginning to think this is going to work out, but I know it's going to take some time. I think once she gets more comfortable here, I'm going to rename her, Sun-Lee because the name sounds Asian, and to me she looks like a delicate little Asian flower.
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She's a smart little flower, and I predict she'll be running the house and wrapping your other two cats around her delicate paws faster than you think
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Aw she sounds sweet and that name sounds perfect. I can't wait til you're telling us more stories about how well she's settling and then she can join Shane and Simba on your signature.
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Oh that's an adorable name!
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YOu know I was thinking about it, this just means she isn't a slut. Ok, weird choice of words, but you know what I mean...it means she isn't easy! She needs to develop trust and bond with you in her own way. She needs to develop a real relationship first.

I know it's going to go great, she is getting to know you and knows you are someone she can trust.
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There you go!, another day over and more improvement
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She sounds like she's getting acclimated.
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I was glad to see that she is doing better. Love the new name.
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Saturday update.

My lovely little girl has been here one week. I now have her isolated in her own room. Tonight I spent some time with her and we really got close. She was walking all over me, and really enjoying getting lots of lovings. She ate and drank in front of me. One thing I see is that she is a picky eater. However, she was eating dry Iams while I petted her. I am SO relieved. She crawled on me and was laying down on my chest, then she was laying on my legs, then she was licking me, and was just a total love. The entire time, Simba and Shane were on the other side of the door, crying and trying to break in. SunLee (her new name), went to the door and sniffed them through the door and didn't seem frightened or scared, but actually interested. I don't think she's quite ready to come out because she still likes to find her little hiding area's, but I do think things are going to work out.

She still seems a bit nervous about the noise of people going in and out in the apartment building. I'm pretty sure she lived in a quiet suburban home before. So, there is a lot more noise going on in the apartment complex. She'll get used to it. She is such a lovely girl, and really she is so affectionate.
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That's wondeful news Hope I'm glad it's all starting to work out and i just LOVE the name SunLee
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And to think you were thinking of sending her back
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I knew she'd come around! And you've been doing great with how you've been with her since you found her. Keep us posted!

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SOOOOOOOOOOO good to hear! What a love!
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I thought she sounded like a love-bug...so wonderful to read this latest update
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I'm glad things is going well, just take time
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What a gorgeous name! This sounds like the start of a very beautiful relationship, congratulations to you both I'm so glad you're both feeling better.
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Here's another update for the last 3 days:

SunLee is doing great. I've still got her seperated, although I've allowed Simba in with her, while I was in there and there hasn't been any problems. I let her come out both yesterday and today and she wandered around a bit, but got scared and came back in her room. I figure as long as she still is a little scared out here in the great big world, I'll let her stay where she feels secure. She has sniffed noses with both of the cats, through a crack in the door, but I think that Shane is more intimidating to her than Simba is. I noticed yesterday the sight of him in all of his HUGE glory made her want to panic and run back into the security of her room. She is eating well, and going to the bathroom, which is a total relief to me. She's even starting to respond to her new name.

How much longer should I keep her seperated? Should I wait until she feel completely secure around the other cats? I don't want her to get to the point where she only feels that the little room she's in, is her home. I want her to come out and join the family, but only when she's secure. Should I just make her come out and get used to it? Or should I keep her seperated a bit longer. I don't think she's having a real problem with the other cats, but I do think that Shane does scare her a bit.
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Well, just look at him in his pic...all big and bad and gorgeous
And Simba is all "look how sweet and little I am"

I have been following your story with interest and am so glad all is going well.
Sorry, I won't even offer you further advice about Shane and Sunlee...
I will let the experts deal with that.

Cheers and good luck

I think she will come around.
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Originally Posted by HopeHacker
I don't want her to get to the point where she only feels that the little room she's in, is her home. I want her to come out and join the family, but only when she's secure. Should I just make her come out and get used to it? Or should I keep her seperated a bit longer. I don't think she's having a real problem with the other cats, but I do think that Shane does scare her a bit.
I wonder what others will have to say about this. Lilly has been with me a month now and she has not left our bedroom. She is coming out from her spot under the bed more and more (I'd say she still spends at least 8 hours of the day hiding under the bed), but she has not ventured out of her room yet. I want her to come out and join the family too. But I don't want to lose her trust now.

Sounds like SunLee is doing soooooo much better though!! I am glad to hear about all the progress she is making.
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Hope, sounds like SunYee is doing great! Congrats!

I'm thinking it might be a good idea to leave the door open, gradually, until she's completely comfortable. It would be a good idea as well to keep her supervised around Shane and Simba for a couple of weeks. Especially seeing as she's a tiny thing...

Although being the sole female cat, she may become top cat in no time at all!
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Oops, SunLee that is...
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Really leave her be. She isn't going to stay in the room forever. Her cat curiousity will get the best of her eventually and she will come out and join everyone. If you force you, you will set her back to being scared and hiding for real again-
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Curiosity will certainly get the better of her because it did with Rosie.

Rosie would follow Sophie around at a safe distance just watching what she was doing and you could see she was taking everything in.
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Friday pm/Saturday am update:

This was just too exciting for me to not write up this update right now. SunLee decided she wanted to come out of isolation late Friday night, around 11pm. So, I opened up the doors and let her come out at her leisure. Simba and Shane were also happy because they could once again have access to the little storage room SunLee was staying in. When she came out and walked through the apartment, this time she did the normal snooping that all cats do, when they get to know their new home, and she didn't cower or act scared at all. She was just a curious little girl, checking out everything. Simba was following her all around and that didn't bother her at all. About a half an hour ago, they started running and playing and chasing each other. They have been having a ball. I believe she and Simba will become fast fast friends, and she seems to have the energy to keep up with Simba. It was so cute to watch them. First he'd run at her, and then he'd turn around and she'd start chasing him, then she'd run, then turn around and he'd start chasing her. It is so wonderful, because I think she is not only what I needed but what Simba has needed. Shane hasn't had the energy nor the desire to play with Simba. Now Simba has a playmate, and maybe now, Simba will leave Shane alone. Shane always gets so annoyed with Simba trying to pounce on him and play. I think this is turning out to be just perfect. It seems like it was truly fate, truly meant to be.
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Hope this is just marvellous!! I am so please to read this wonderful update
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This is such great news!
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Yay that's great! I'm so glad you were so patient with her... it looks like it's all turning out for the best!
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Great news!
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