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skin and fur questions

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I will be making an appointment for both of my cats tomorrow, but am wondering if anybody has had any experience with the following while we are waiting for the appointment.

Our older cat, Morty, who is nine years old has a small patch (about the size of a dime) on his chin. The fur is not missing, but is maybe slightly less furry than the rest of that area. The problem is the area seems to be producing black flakes. Could this be ringworm or another fungal skin disease? Melanoma? There is no lump, the skin underneath may just be a little more pink than the surrounding skin. Anyone with experience with anything similar?

Our other cat, Claude, is two years old. He was a stray we adopted about a year ago. He was starving and had intestinal parasites when he came to us, and after having regular meals and food available, plus medication for the parasites, he became overweight. He is over 15 pounds now. He is a gray cat. We have noticed over the past couple months that the fur around his neck area, particularly his chest area has gotten a slightly reddish tint. It is really barely noticable, and I think it was even there when we had him in for his last check up a couple months ago, and the vet didn't notice. When I searched on the internet about coat color changes, some serious health issues came up. He seems quite healthy except for his weight. We'll get him checked out, too, but wondering if others have had this experience.

Both cats eat Sensible Choice dry food, which is pretty high quality. They also have been splitting a can of Fancy Feast or Trader Joe's wet food daily. Neither are on any medications, except for the occasional Advantage during flea season.

Thanks so much for any info in advance!

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Hi Paula,

I think that Morty may have feline acne - here is an article on feline acne that you can read to see if it matches what you've seen, and to give you an idea of treatment, if your vet does diagnosis it as that.

I have no clue re Claude - please come back and update us on what you find out.

Fwiw, feline acne is not that uncommon, and while it may require some diligence to clear up, it can be cleared up and there are things you can do to try and prevent any reoccurence
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Sounds like feline acne to me too. Please let us know if that ends up being the verdict. Also, I would love to know what they suggest doing about it. Logan seems to be developing it too, but the vet said it would be ok try washing his chin and seeing if that helps first. Good luck and let us know
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RE Claude.... is it possible that Morty is cleaning him in these areas? Or can Claude reach that area to groom? Generally a reddish or rust tint to the fur is from excess saliva.
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Morty doesn't generally groom Claude, but Claude does seem to groom himself quite a lot in the areas that are slightly tinted. Claude has long hair and spends enough time outside that he has a thick winter coat. He seems to groom himself more than Morty because of the excess fur (at least I guess that's the reason). So the excess saliva theory is a good one - thanks!

Thanks also to the two people who suggested that Morty may have kitty acne. I had a cat that had that once, but he seemed to have pimples along with it. Morty doesn't have a pimple in the area of the black flakes, but I'll try washing it until we make it in to the vet. (I recently had surgery and can't lift anything heavier than 10 pounds, which rules out cats with carriers, so have to wait until my husband has a day off to carry them - Thursday at the earliest.)

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Paula, I think kittie acne often starts with what looks like flea dirt. At least thats what Logan's chin looked like until a few days ago when an actual pimple appeared. A little soap and water couldnt hurt either way
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