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Anybody want 4 cats? Cheap!

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My guys are being soooooo bad today! Pearl has taken to hiding behind my dining room curtains, (I gave up on keeping them off the table) and Scooter has decided it is fun to harrass her from the other side. I went to stop him a little while ago, and discovered that one of them had puked all over the curtains, down the back side of the tablecloth, and all over my XM Radio unit. Fred has pooped in my bathtub 3 times today, I am sure Pepper had done something I have just not discovered yet.
Instead of a nice, relaxing Sunday watching the race, I am washing curtains, mopping up cat puke, cleaning my tub, and hoping they didn't ruin my XM Radio.
Any takers?
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Only if you will trade for all of mine!
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I'm sorry to hear that. Maybe its a health issue you should worry about. Throwing up THAT much could show something. I would also worry about waste out of the litterbox.
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Pearl has always had a nervous stomach, and will throw up if she gets upset close after feeding. I have had her to the vet several times about it, and they have found no serious physical health issues. Fred is old, with gnarly old feet, and the vet thinks the litter might bother his paws. He prefers to do his business outside, but will use the tub if I don't get to the door on time or if we are not home. I take my cats to the vet when they are sick. So much for a little light hearted grumbling.
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