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Will they be alright?

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Enough vibes for me. I know with all the vibes I have asked for, I should get better in a few days. I woke up really sick. I can still do things, I'm just coughing, I have a runny nose, I'm SO tired, and I can't talk. At least I can talk to you. My voice has vanished. Anyways, the thing I'm worried about is will my pets, cats very much included , be okay? I can still get up for a short while to feed them, give them water, and a bit of attention, but will they feel neglected with the "short on service"? My parents will most likely be of help but....Also, could they possibly catch what I have?

You guys must be sick of all this happening to me. Its so weird. This has been a really bad week. At least yesterday was great.
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hey i wanted to ask you how the bday party went.
I think your kitties will be alright
But im not sure that they will catch it?
have to ask the other mods or clever people on this site
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Okay, thanks Fwan.

The birthday party was great! I got to go on a behind the scenes tour that no ONE gets to go on, unless they win this raffle. I got to see lions UP close. They were in specialized cages so we could see them up close, while their enclosure was being cleaned. The lionness was so beautiful, I had my heart in my throat. The male was very magistic, and he kept roaring at us.

I also got to feed the giraffes up close, where their heads were right by ours. I also got to meet the famous "crook-necked giraffe". No worries, I took pictures. You will see them as soon as I can figure out how to get them off my cell phone.

I also got to see mirkats, otters, and the endangered channal island foxes.
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