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Appointments mixed up

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I know I posted that I was taking my kitties to the vet today.
I got my appointments mixed up. I am taking them in on Tuesday next week. I had an MRI done today for an injury to the cervical spine in a car accident. It happened in May but still bothers me a lot.
My babies Egan, Lia, Finn and Keelin are 7weeks old today. So far they have been healthy, normal little rascals. Penelope is getting better around them. She was enjoying beating up a tennis ball a little while ago.

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How did your MRI go?

I had one a couple of years ago, and oh what a disaster. It was one of the old closed kind, and they were looking at my pituitary gland so I was wa-ay inside it. There wasn't anyone to come with me so I was completely alone. They had rushed the appointment (because it was a brain thing) so I not only didn't get the tour and the paperwork, I also didn't get the drugs (Valium, I think). It was a complete fiasco. I made it through the first set, but when they took me out between sets, I just about had a breakdown. I ended up shouting at the nurse, burst into tears, and curled up in the fetal position. It was close to a month before I could close the curtain in the shower, and I still get claustrophobic pretty easily.

But I hear the new machines are nice and open. Plus I'm sure the right drugs help! lol And I think they had preliminary results pretty promptly. Hope everything comes out okay.
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The new imaging machines are wonderful! They are only half opened so you don't get that closed in feeling. No valium needed for that trip- thank the Lord.
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