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Race to the Top: World's Tallest Buildings

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Is it just me or that it seems that in the past few years there have been a massive race to build the tallest building, with each record being broken in a matter of a year or two. Now the Burj Dubai seems to be gunning for the top.

Of the current top ten 8 are built after 1992, 7 since 1996.
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Nice if you're a tourist. I wouldn't want to live in one though.
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I worked on the 98th floor of the Sears Tower for a few years. You could watch the water slosh in the water cooler on windy days and we needed to unplug our equipment from the exterior wall electrical outlets during massive thunderstorms with lightning. But my concern was always that the elevators would break down with me inside of them. It was an interesting place to work but I wouldn't live there.
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Interesting. There was an article in today's "Welt am Sonntag" about Emirates, Dubai's airline. There are plans to make it the biggest in the world, and they're snapping up the 550-seat Airbuses. The airport is being expanded, too. Apparently, Dubai is planning for the future, when the oil has run out, and wants to be the world's transport hub. Because of its location, non-stop flights to almost every major city in the world are possible. I imagine the tower is also part of the plan.

After 9/11, you'd think that people would be afraid to have the tallest tower, longest bridge, etc., for fear of its being a target.
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Well the cliche is, if you do that the terrorist would have won. Furthermore it is stated that: "Sang believes the concrete-core building would withstand an airliner strike of the sort that brought down the steel-frame World Trade Center."

Anyway UAE together with Qatar and perhaps even Bahrain have done quite a bit to transform themselves away from relying on oil. The UAE has is already attracting lots of international people to its country. I know that a number of famous European soccer players have purchase homes in UAE, specifically on The Palm (http://guide.tenuae.com/living/dubai...m_islands.php). And I am sure their "The World" development will be as successful (http://guide.tenuae.com/living/dubai...d_islands.php).

Also UAE Airlines Emirates have built itself to become one of the top few airline along with Singapore Airlines, British Airways and Cathay.

I would not mind living in a tall building, just think of the view.
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I should have added that when I was on the 98th floor of the Sears Tower, at the time it was the tallest building and it was the tallest office space in the entire world. I had the northwest corner office but could see Lake Michigan as well as O'Hare airport. On cloudy days, we were actually looking down on the clouds. What a view!

The first time I flew after 9/11, I happened to fly into Chicago. I was really agitated until I caught sight of the tower and couldn't help but think about what I would have done if I had been on an upper floor that day. Yup, terrorists win when you obtain a phobia about tall buildings, but I have to admit that I could never work in a building that tall again.
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Originally Posted by bumpy
I would not mind living in a tall building, just think of the view.
I'd be paranoid about fire, and power outages! Four storeys seem to be my "comfort limit". "The Palm" looks interesting, but after the tsunami in the Indian Ocean on December 26th, I'd probably be paranoid there, too. We have enough earthquakes and flooding in our area, thank you!
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i thought for the longest time since 9/11 that Petronas in Kuala Lampur were the tallest. I guess this new Taipei 101 outdid them.

It would be interesting what the Arab emirates have up their sleeve. their Burj Al Arab hotel is a marvel of architectural design http://www.burj-al-arab.com/

same property, it's their Jumeirah Beach Hotel
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